Book Review: The Hobbit

For the first review and book review will be ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Those who know the Lord of the Rings trilogy probably know that this book is the actual prequel if you will for the trilogy. If not, shame on you.

The plot in a nutshell is how Bilbo Baggins finds the “one ring” through his adventures with Gandalf, Thorin and his party of 12 dwarfs/dwarves. Bilbo’s purpose in the party is the group’s burglar expert but the dwarves doubt that he will be of any use to the party. The main purpose of the journey is to reclaim the Lonely mountain and its treasures guarded by the dragon Smaug.

The author uses many writing styles and literacy devices made the book extremely well-written and gave intricate details which enriched the book as a whole. It helps create a mental visualization of the characters and setting within the book, as well make it more interesting to read. You can see the relationships between the character, learn more of the background of Bilbo being an expert burglar and how he comes into the possession of the ring. We also meet Gollum who lives in a dark cave system under a mountain, on an island in the underground lake. We also learn Gollum’s story on how he found the ring, how he uses the ring and how he loses it to Bilbo. We also encounter the Eagles and how Gandalf knows them. We also see the relation between goblins and a pack of wolves. There is also a rivalry between two factions of dwavres

For those who want to read a story filled with adventure, magic, battles with goblins, battle of wits, dragons, treasure and a deceit used by an unlikely character  or those who love the Lord of the Rings I would recommend this book. This book is extremely well-written and there isn’t a part of the book that is boring. It can make you feel as if you were part of the story. The main reason why I have enjoyed this book greatly is the battle of wits between Bilbo and Gollum. They both ask each other riddles in the dark near where Gollum lives. If Bilbo is unable to answer, he’ll be killed and eaten by Gollum. If Gollum can’t answer, he’ll delay killing Bilbo till he is too hungry. It’s especially well-written and you can see Bilbo struggling to think of riddles due to the fact he knows he’ll be eaten.

Over all, it is a highly recommended book and a classic. It is for those who love Lord of the Rings trilogy,  those who are looking for a great book to read or those who love tales of adventure.


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