Elder Scrolls 4 or better known as Oblivion which was released in September 10th, 2007 (I own the Game of the Year edition or G.O.T.Y so hence the release date is different from the official release date of the game itself).

In Oblivion, it takes place in Cyrodill, a province in Tamriel or Nirn. In the start of the game, you find yourself in a prison in the Imperial City for reasons unknown (you go through the character gen here; choosing race, name, hair color…etc). The first character you meet is a Dark Elf who is an asshole. After an…”joyful” conversation with the elf, you’ll meet the emperor himself with 3 of his bodyguards or the Blades. As you progress the ruins under the city, you meet the plot’s main antagonists known as the Mythic Dawn. They succeed in their plans to kill the emperor. However, you learn there is hope. The emperor has an illegitimate son known as Martin. So thus exiting the sewers (you get a final chance to change anything in your character before leaving), begins your quest on finding Martin and twarting the attempts of the Mythic Dawn in succeeding their plans to bring one of the Daedric prince known as Mehrunes Dagon, their patron god in a sense into the mortal realm.

Of course, like the rest of the Elder Scroll series you are allowed to do as you wish. Be it whether you want to be a famous hero or an infamous villain. The beauty of Oblivion is you are allowed to be whatever you want to be. You can also delay doing the main quest for as long as you like, while you build and create your character. Also, even if you did finish the main quest, there are other quest lines to do.

For example, there is the Mages guild quest line for those who are more magic based, Fighters’ guild quest line for those who excel melee combat rather than magic, the Dark Brotherhood quest line for those who are into assassinations (or those who want revenge on the dark elf from the beginning of the game, can get a kick from one of the quests here as you do get to meet him again 😉 I know I had A LOT of fun) and finally the Thieves’ guild quest-line where you get to steal items and sell stolen items or serve, meet and aid the master thief himself; The Gray Fox in committing the greatest heist ever done.The Imperial City itself, at a distance

Then there are the quests where you can serve the Daedric princes in return for an artifact that is most associated with them. There are also quests where you can help the common folk in their troubles or Master trainer quests for those who seek training for skills in other to level up. Or you can simply travel around Cyrodill to loot Ayleid ruins, abandoned forts, caves/caverns or improve your fame by closing Oblivion gates (actually, I highly recommend finishing the main quest so you can get rid of the Oblivion gates if you find them highly annoying).

There is also the possibility to buy your own house in the major cities expect for the city of Kvatch (hard to buy a house in a city that has been destroyed). Also, you do get to buy/ride horses of your very own. Each major city (again, expect Kvatch) sells horses unique to their city. I recommend saving money to buy the black horse in Cheydinhal or the white horse in Anvil. One is faster and the other has higher health. Two of the best horses in the game. Unless you do the Dark Brotherhood quest-line and gain ‘Shadowmere’, an immortal horse that has the highest health and fastest speed. However, I find her annoying as she has a tendency to wander off and insists on helping you fight bandits (then get herself knocked out -.-“). You do also have the chance to become a vampire. For those who bore or don’t want to be a vampire any longer, there is a chance to cure your vampirism (although, personally I love being a vampire).

Elder Scrolls 4 or Oblivion is personally one of my favorite PC games. It is rare for me to find a PC game that keeps my attention for more than a year. There is something about Oblivion that makes me want to keep playing it. Also, I enjoy to do role-play sometimes although…personally I find companions annoying as they seem to have a tendency to either get in my way, while I’m trying to kill something or they get themselves killed in a heroic yet suicidal fight. It is either that or they seem to disappear forever lost in the voids of darkness. Also, I do enjoy the quest-lines that they have to offer in the game. Although, I admit there are some quests that irk me or the companions you have to deal with to fulfill some quests (seriously, most of them either can’t keep up with my character, are just plain stupid or suicidal….or a combination of the last two or all 3…or other reasons which I mention above)

Yes, I have played through all the possible quests in the game; the Daedric princes, main quest, mages guild, dark brotherhood, thieves’ guild, fighters’ guild and the misc quests.

For those who have done everything in Oblivion, there are two expansions for Oblivion. Which I’ll discuss in another post. The Knights of the Nine (K.O.T.N) and Shivering Isles. In fact, I still an avid player of Oblivion even after 3 years I have gotten it and finished both the game and it’s two expansions.

Also, another thing I love about Oblivion is the many amazing mods that are out there for Oblivion. Some of them are just too amazing to describe fully in words. There is just so many varieties of them out there from house mods to quest mods…there is nearly a mod for everything out there. Hence, one of my most favorite PC games which in-cooperates both RPG, adventure and action seamlessly into one heck of an amazing game.


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