Oblivion Expansion: Knights of the Nine

Okay, time to review the 2 official expansions for Oblivion. We will first review Knights of the Nine (K.O.T.N) followed by Shivering Isles, simply because I played them in that order and because I can. -insert evil laugh-

In K.O.T.N, the story begins with rumors that the church in Anvil has suffered a devastating attack with all the priests being killed in a gruesome way. So, we are prompted to go to Anvil, go look around the church and etc. The guard then mentions a Prophet who basically starts the quest for you. He tells you that an ancient ayleid king has returned from the planes of Oblivion (specially, Meridia’s plane of Oblivion known as the Colored rooms) who has come seeking revenge against the Eight divines (as when he was defeated, the 9th divine Talos the dragonborn had yet to ascend at this time). You are then told to visit the way-shrines of the Nine divines (yes, you must visit them all unless you visited them earlier on in Oblivion, then you are fine I think) then wait for a vision. The only problem with this quest is that in Oblivion, 2 of the way-shrines are destroyed; Skingrad and Anvil. However, Skingrad is technically still able to be activated, but the way-shrine nearby Anvil is completely destroyed. So either, you do this quest before carrying on with the Oblivion main quest or you must use the console. There is no other ways to do this.

When you receive the vision, you meet Pelinal Whitestrake the first holy crusader who defeated Umaril the Unfeathered. He then tells you to recover the relics of the crusader and help of the Nine. With all the crusaders relics, will you be able to defeat Umaril and destroy his physical body. However, due to his alliance with Meridia, he’ll only return in due time. Therefore, you must destroy him in the spiritual plane as well which is why you need the help of the Nine divines. Once you recover them all (and re-purify the sword), you and your recruits meet the Prophet once more. The Prophet gives you a spell which will enable you to follow Umaril’s soul called ‘The blessing of Talos’ who is the 9th divine.

From, here on you and your small army launch a full out attack against the ayleid ruin serving as Umaril’s base. You defeat his physical body, cast the spell, fighting him again in the spirit world, you get presumed dead by the others who survived the battle, the ghosts of the original Knights of the Nine thank you and leave. You meet one of the new recruits who tell you what happened and you get cheered at by all the folks and etc.

So basically…..you finished! Which a nice set of new armor (kinda) and weapons. Of course, you now have the favor of the gods (very awesome)…..until you screw up and got to redo the pilgrim’s way to wear the armor and wield the weapons.

For me, it was a relatively short expansion although some quests irked me. Especially some quest items (like Sir whats-his-name key refuses to leave my inventory) just….won’t disappear. Other than that, I did have fun but had to use the console use Bethesda Softworks either stupidly smartly or intentionally destroyed one of the way-shrines needed for this quest.

I give it 9/10, it lost marks cause of the destroyed way-shrine thing, some quest items won’t leave inventory even after the K.O.T.N is finished and it’s annoying to use the console when I mess up and want to keep wearing the armor.

Shivering Isles review will be up shortly!


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