Oblivion Mod: Children of Rourken Ep 1 (C.O.R.E)

Official description of the mod given by the creator (SAHARDOOM):

“This mod adds 7 level Alyeid ruin Enourk north of Fanacas. In this ruin you will find books and scrolls that will gradually explain story that will eventually bring Dwemer back to Tamriel to have their revenge on Gods.” (download link is at the bottom)

One of the main reasons I downloaded this mod was because I was interested in the idea of the Dwemer returning and how the gods (more specially Azura, one of the Daedric princes) were the cause of their disappearance. Also, another reason was because how the custom weapons and armor looked (other than that, I had a lot of time for a multilevel dungeons).  The notes, letters, orders and books help to build the back-story and explanations for what is going on and the purpose of the researchers in the Ruins of Enourk.

While exploring, you have to be sure to collect all the cylinders (6 of them) that power the crystal weapon maker otherwise, you’ll be forced to backtrack or re-do the whole ruins trying to find the missing cylinders. As, this is your main reward for going through the ruins other than the custom armors and weapons you’ll find on the enemies (servants of the temple of Azura).

While playing through, the first thing you’ll notice is the strange lighting of the cave. The cave lighting is the same as if you used night-eye (unless you have a mod that changes the color of night-eye) which is blue. It is an interesting use of lighting however there were times where I had trouble seeing what I was doing. So, be careful as there are at least 2 enemies that almost blend in with the lighting.

The ruins are populated with zombie guardians which became extremely repetitive for me, it became to the point where I found them extremely annoying. Even the monks, piligrims and priests of Azura were repetitive after a while. However, there was an interesting use of the daedric artifact: Azura’s star. In this mod, they had several ‘cursed’ verison of Azura’s star as the calling card of an assassin.

After going through all the Ayleid ruins, when you reach the end of the 7th level. You reach an interesting an unique door called Enourk. The 7th level of the Ayleid ruin was the most interesting and unique compared to the rest of the ruins. It made a nice change from all the hacking and slashing you had to do. You get to stroll down here, enjoying the unique meshes and textures here, take a break and fix your weapons or heal up (or regenerate magicka if you’re a magic user).

When in the actual vicinity of Enourk, it’s layout is extremely interesting. Here, you encounter two cursed guards and notice a hole in the wall. You eventually fall through a hole in the floor. This is the interesting part; if you turn around the corner, you can see an Oblivion gate, 1 Azura’s monk, 1 Azura’s pilgrim and a whole bunch of Azura’s troops (which sucked for me, got caught off guard and next thing I knew I was fleeing and fighting for my life against an small army). However, the oblivion gate is for decoration and if you look the name of the gate itself…you’ll see it says it goes to ‘Moon-shadow’. For those who play Elder Scrolls or Oblivion know this is the name for Azura’s Realm in Oblivion. Enourk (the 8th level?) was probably my most favorite area as it was the only one with unique textures and meshes.

Also, the 2nd coolest thing here is you meet someone who isn’t a Azura monk and etc or whose robe is either blue or red. This is where you meet the assassin who’s been killing all the researchers’ guards and the researchers themselves. Not forgetting, wielding the coolest set of swords (or light-sabers if you look at it carefully). Here is also where you find the journal of the man who organized the expedition (also, the assassin’s diary is here if you want to read that too) which explains everything.

However, the most amazing thing here is the Dwemer ‘spaceship’ you find. Also, for those who had enough fighting…here is a mini portal of sorts to take you back outside.

For me, this would be a 7-8/10. Mainly because there isn’t an official quest. The enemies get extremely repetitive, especially since they looked the same and even carried the same orders. It is mainly a dungeon hack-slash treasure hunting (for those who are going to ask how long it would take…..for me, I took about approx 2-3 hours to complete the entire mod. It definitely took me longer than an hour since I had so many distractions & breaks here and there). However, the custom weapons & armor were amazing. The robes worn by Azura’s worshipers was pretty cool I guess, with all the enchantments.

Unique meshes and textures for the ruins (especially at Enourk itself). The flying machine was cool so was the teleporter thing that took you outside (well, it was actually an hologram that you had to activate). You got an weapon pack which you can change the type whenever you wanted by activating the crystal weapon maker. The books and letters gave a nice touch. This was the first time I ever saw Azura and her followers being used as antagonists, as usually she/he is seen as a benevolent daedric prince.

Also, the C.O.R.E series isn’t over. I’m actually still waiting for episode 2. So….my opinions may change once episode 2 is done.

For those who got time to kill, looking to expand their collection of weapons and armor, love hack-slash, dungeon crawling, treasure hunting and a tale of fanatical worshipers to a manipulative Daedric prince with a dash of tale of betrayal. This may be the mod for you.

http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/6875/? ← download link (I suggest you look at the screenshots, the hellspawn armor looks better in the game itself than in the screenshots…just letting you know)

One more thing, if you are not a member of texnexus….I suggest you make an account. Some of these files require you to be a member in order to download (as they are over 2mb I think in size). It is for free and you do get access to a lot of amazing mods on this site.


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