Music Artist: Daughtry

Okay, figured it was time to have at least one music artist on here.

So, let’s talk about one of my favorite music artists: Daughtry. We all know that his music journey begun in American Idol in Season 5 of the reality t.v show.

Anyway, he has released 2 albums as far as I am aware of. The self-titled debut album with the band’s first singles “It’s Not Over” followed by “Home”. The band’s second album ‘Leave this town’ was released in July 14, 2009.

I personally love both albums and do look forward to the 3rd album. The first album was pretty rock-orientated but to me, the band’s second album was sounded and felt more….relaxed. There were some that were rock but some such as ‘September’ and ‘Tennessee Line’ leaned towards to country-rock. Not complaining though, I liked the change in the way the music was played. I personally love the song ‘Tennessee Line’. Quite relaxing to listen too, even if it sounded somewhat sad.

Also, in the 2nd album you can see the time lengths for the song are a bit longer compared to the 1st album.

I don’t really think there is anything wrong in terms of the band’s songs or lyrics, I think it fits the band perfectly and the lyrics for some are amazing. Some of the song do invoke an emotion or bring you to a distant memory.

Out of 5 stars….for both albums, I’d give a 5/5

Amazing stuff.


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