Oblivion mod: Myths and Legends 2

The mod I’ll be reviewing is called Myths and Legends 2 created by tempargfx.

The purpose of the mod is to find 14 weapons that are scattered throughout Cyrodill. To begin the quest, you first need to buy the 7 books which contain both the back-story and hints to the location of the weapons.  The books are found in all major book sellers except for Skingrad and obviously Kvatch. Also, the exception to Anvil where the book is found in the store of the Anvil docks (Lelles’ quality merchandise).

The mod is geared towards those whom are high leveled. I personally recommend those who wish to play this to be at least around 30-35 before playing this. It is also recommended to be a high level character as most of the weapons are powerful. If your character is too low (e.g below level 30), the weapon is likely to be too powerful and may ruin your game experience. Also, it may be impossible for lower levels to find some of the weapons hidden in the game. It is also not recommended to those who don’t want to break the lore of the game or are purists.

First half of the weapons to be found in Myths & Legends 2.
First half of the weapons to be found in Myths & Legends 2.

According to the mod description, the difficulty of finding these weapons is between moderate to insanely difficult.

Having played through this mod, although I admit it was some time ago (around at least a month ago, not sure). I admit although I enjoyed the look of the weapons and the back-story given by the books, there were some issues that caused me to remove the mod.

The first and main reason is due to the sheer difficulty of finding some of these weapons. The hints to the locations of the weapons were so difficult to decipher due to the way it was worded. I admit I had spent half my time looking at walk-through for the mod on Youtube to figure out its exact location. Even with the help of the video walk-through however, I still had trouble at finding some of the weapons.

The second reason I had issues with this was how one of the weapons ‘The black legion axe’ I believe it was called, was considered a quest item. It wasn’t clear to me if it was meant to be a quest or how to start the quest. The ghost of the previous owner was there but when you tried to talk to him, nothing really happened. So not too sure about that. Maybe I had a glitch or the mod may had a possible conflict with another mod(s) I have in my computer. Or the other possibility is maybe the load order needed to be changed. Who knows.

Rest of the weapons. Both images were taken by tesnexus user LHammonds
Rest of the weapons. Both images were taken by tesnexus user LHammonds

Another reason was due to the intense lag that came about near certain weapons. It’s not very good to be chased by hordes of zombies in an Ayleid ruin, only to be lagged so much to the point the game crashes. That was also my other reason, it either froze my laptop or it crashed on me at least thrice.

However, there are some good things. The weapons looked amazing and had great interesting back stories to them. The weapon that I especially loved the most and was a bit upset knowing I was going to lose it when I took out this mod was the Vesper’s Requiem (look above for the pictures).

However, to those who like the challenge of finding weapons, enjoy puzzles/ treasure hunting or are looking for some very beautiful looking weapons for role play or to aid them on their quests, Myths and Legends 2 may be a consideration.

If I were to rate this mod out of 10….I’d give it at least a 8/10. The custom weapons looked great, their strength and weight was decent in my opinion and some of the locations for the weapons were unique and well-thought out. However, only reasons it lost points were due to the issues I have mentioned.

Before downloading, be sure to read the description as there are some mod incompatibility.


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