Oblivion Expansion: Shivering Isles

Onto the 2nd expansion review: Shivering Isles!

This takes place in the Sheogorath aka the Mad god’s (actually a Daedric prince but oh well) realm known as Shivering Isles. A realm split into two, reflecting Sheogorath’s dual personality or the two faces of madness. The two sides are called Mania and Dementia respectively, each have their own versions of creatures, guards, religion, art, landscape and very different people residing in them.

However, that isn’t the point of the story for Shivering Isles. You start off with hearing a rumor that a strange island/doorway has appeared in the Niben Bay. So you go there, a guard tells you those who returned after entering the portal have gone mad. At this point, a dark Elf will appear and go berserk and quickly cut down by the guard. If you look at the Khajiit woman, (for those who don’t know, are a race of cat people) you can see that she has lost her marbles somewhat. Anyway, you decide to not heed the guard’s warnings and go inside. Here you meet the chamberlain of Sheogorath called Haskill. He tells you that Sheogorath is looking for a mortal champion to aid him and etc. You accept the offer and told to meet Sheogorath in his palace. So off you go.

Expect, not so fast. Turns out you are in the outer reaches of the realm known as The Fringe. A testing grounds for those who wish to enter the Daedric prince’s realm. You see the gatekeeper (who is a massive giant of sorts) easily defeat some treasure hunters like they are nothing. You will get options on how to get inside, either way you got to kill the gatekeeper for the keys that are sewn into his body.

Whichever door you take, either Mania or Dementia you walk through the respective city (Bliss or Crucible) or fast travel if you are too lazy. You go through a series of tasks and learn that there is an event that occurs every year. The Greymarch when another Daedric prince called Jyggalag (Daedric prince of order) comes with his followers sweep through Shivering Isles.

Anyway, at a point you have to choose whether to be the Duke/Duchess of Mania or Dementia…whichever one you choose, you must follow the ritual. Who ever you did not replace will defect to the forces of order. Later on, you found out that Sheogorath is actually Jyggalag. So basically, you are now Sheogorath and have to go recreate your staff of office. Go combat against Jyggalag to stop his curse and end the greymarch. Jyggalag will then explain to you that he gained so much power that the other Daedric princes cursed him to be what he hated the most. At the end of the year, he is allowed to revert to his true form and reconquer his lands so on and so forth. Anyway, he leaves to go back to his plane in Oblivion and you are crowned Sheogorath. Although you are mortal but hey!

This is the shortest in terms of main quest line compared to K.O.T.N and Oblivion and the time length to complete them. However, this is my favorite because not only do you become a Duke of ½ the realm and instant promotion to god-hood! Not to mention Sheogorath has such unique, interesting and hilarious lines. So between K.O.T.N and Shivering Isles…..I like Shivering Isles more.


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