Movie Review: Rio

Okay! Movie review. Actually, I watched the movie a while ago but that’s okay.

I’ll not bother to tell the plot since I’m a bit lazy at the moment. Anyway, this is one of those movies great to watch with your family, kids and friends. It’s a cartoon.

It has singing and dancing. I actually really enjoyed the movie, it had been a while since my mother and I watched a movie together. So we decided with Rio (I was to chicken to watch a horror movie) and we both actually had fun. It was humorous and it was the first time my mom actually enjoyed an animation.

We both really loved the songs, the dancing and humor. However, we both loved the same character the most. The bull-dog.

The plot was alright, nothing special but everything else made up for it. The villainous bird was a bit funny (got his deserts in the end). I really recommend people who love comedy, romance and animation. Or to those who are looking for a movie to watch with friends or family.

I really enjoyed this movie and if I could, I’d buy the DVD just so I can watch the bull-dog again. He’s my favorite character by far in the movie.


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