Book review: For one more day

For the last book review of today, is a beautifully and touching story written by Mitch Albom.

I admit when I first read this story (the first few pages) I was rather bored. However, as I kept reading on I found myself completely engrossed into the story. It is simply written and completely from the main character’s point of view. It is extremely believable and the illustrations included (such as the character’s birth certificate and etc) just builds the level of realism of the characters.

“If you had the chance, just one chance, to go back and fix what you did wrong in life, would you take it? And if you did, would you be big enough to stand it? Mitch Albom, in this new book, once again demonstrates why he is one of my favorite writers: a fearless explorer of the wishful and the magical, he is also a devout believer in the power of love. For One More Day will you smile. It will make you wistful. it will make you blink back tears of nostalgia. But most of all, it will make you believe in the eternal power of a mother’s love” – James McBride’s praise of the book.

This book tells the story of one man called Charles “Chick” Benetto. It shows the relationship between his mom & father, his relationship with both parents, him and his little sister, the separation of his mother & father, his hatred towards his mother, his need to prove himself to his father, him becoming estranged from his wife & daughter and when he learns he is not invited to his own daughter’s wedding….. he breaks. In his desperation, he goes to attempt suicide.

However, in his near death experience he meets his mother. He learns the truth why his mother chased his father away and he admits to his mother the wrong he had done to her. “Perdonare” the one quote from the book that touched me. The Latin woman saying that, telling Chick to forgive himself for the wrongs he did and to forgive himself for making the wrong choice when he was forced to choose between his mother and father.

When he recovers from his accident, he attempts to make changes to his life. He reconnects with his daughter and had donuts together every Saturday morning. He talks on friendly terms with his ex-wife and worked part-time at a local parks and recreation office.

This story is a true testament to the power of a mother’s love. We take them for granted. We may even treat them wrongly but they’ll always love you no matter what. When they are gone, we realize how many mistakes we had made and wish we had a chance to make them right or to spend more time with them. Although, this story is sad at some parts, it was still a great book. If this story does not make you cry, remember the child-hood days, wistful or nostalgic clearly there is something wrong with you. I know it made me cry and made me regret when I realized I made the same mistakes as Chick did.

It makes you realize there is still time to correct mistakes you made. But are you brave enough to admit them and do something about it, is the ultimate question. Out of the all the books, I’ve reviewed so far and will review in the future. There will be no other book that touched me more, even White Fang cannot compare to this book.


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