Book review: Tales of the Greek Heroes

The book ‘Tales of the Greek Heroes’ is written by Roger Lancelyn Green. For those, who love Greek mythology will definitely like this book. I read this in fourth grade I believe, in elementary school and it sparked with a life long fascination into myths & legends of various countries. There’s something magical in learning the lore and stories of other cultures.

This book has some of the oldest to the most famous stories in Greek mythology. It starts from the story of ‘Coming of the Immortals’ where Zeus overthrows his cruel titan father Cronos, who was the king of the Silver age ending with the story of the ‘Battle of the Giants’.

This book tells how some of the most famous heroes came to be such as Perseus, the trials of demigods and their ascent to god-hood such as Heracles and Dionysus and tales of how certain god/goddess came to be such as Hermes and Athena.

For me, this is an extremely good book as I do love Greek mythology. So this book was great in expanding my knowledge of Greek mythology and the legends associated with some of the immortals. In the book, we can see how the immortals interact with the mortals, how Zeus went from cruel to kind (sort of) and how they interact amongst themselves. It gives insight to the world before the ‘Golden age’ where Cronos ruled and how with the help of Heracles that Zeus and the other gods avoided being overthrown by the giants.

Another interesting note is in the back of the book, the author provides a map showing where Jason and the Argonauts in their routes trying to reach home.

It also includes the names of the god and goddesses in the story of Ancient Greece with their counter-part names in Latin which was used by the Romans for their own gods and goddesses which were based on the gods of the Ancient Greeks.

So for those who love Greek mythology or stories involving tales of adventure, battle, gods and goddesses may want to consider reading this book as it is a pretty good book.


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