Oblivion Mod: A Family Problem [incomplete review]

Okay, so it’s been quite a long time since I last posted. Nevertheless, let’s finish this Oblivion mods list because I’m playing Oblivion on xbox now and I am determined to achieve my goals that I have set for myself.

“This quest shall take you from both the waking world of the light and the darkness of your dreams. Discover an adventure so lost in time there is no name for it, besides one, Fear. By helping a small family near the Inn of Wawnet you uncover a sword hidden in plain sight, a sword with the power to turn loved ones against the other, to kill without a cut, and worse of all, to face the Fear you have to venture deep within a lost tomb of old with nothing but a torch and your fading mind to guide you.”Official description of the mod

The story behind ‘A Family Problem‘ begins in Chorrol at the Grey Mare Inn with Nirina Dracon. She starts the whole entire series of quests with you recovering her sword from an supposed bandit. As the story progresses, you learn about their missing daughter and grand-daughter, as well of the Dracons’ war against the beings called the ‘Fear’ and their ‘Fear-queen’. While aiding the Dracons’, your character begins to realize the changes occurring to him/herself (well, if they are typically a good hero type character).

However, there are two ways you can complete the story. You can either help the family destroy the ‘Fear’ and their queen. OR you can instead, join with the Fear-queen and be her knight of fear.

There are plenty of twists especially when you meet the fear-queen herself (oo, spoilers!). So I don’t think anyone would be disappointed.

However, I have not played both sides of the quest because I did the evil side of the quest. Nevertheless, the people who take the evil path, will not be disappointed as you do get nifty armor. BUT, I am not sure it was the end of the quest when I was done with it.

It is a good quest for those who are interested as I certainly enjoyed it.

EDIT: At the time of playing this, I am unsure whether the good ending was ever completed or not. I am assuming I glitched a quest during the choice as I was never able to trigger the choice to continue on with the good path. Might have to replay this some time in the future and see if I can get the good ending path.


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