Minecraft is a block 3-d game that can be played on either a mac or a pc. There are free versions and there is the option of buying it. However, I downloaded mine although I cannot remember where. Also, it has been a while since I played it, we will get to the reason why in a bit.

For those wondering what minecraft is about, you can watch videos on it on youtube. A user called Teamudf has some great minecraft videos so you can check him out.

Basically in minecraft, you are spawned in a random world and depending on your level chosen…you will either be racing against time trying to build your dream shelter before; spiders, creepers (plant zombie things), skeletons..basically randomly spawned monsters that only appear at night.

You can build your home in any way you like, as long it includes squares as it is a block game…no spheres or anything. You basically try to build the necessary tools to obtain the raw materials and use them (or refine them) to build your home. You can build villages, cities, castle either underground, on the ground or high above in the mountains. It is merely up to you, as the possibilities are virtually endless.

I played it for nearly four months give or take, still trying to finish my 2 month project which is based on medieval castles. I already built my first home out of wood, a tower out of diamond blocks, underground tunnel system connecting my homes and the system serves as my emergency bunker if I were to be overwhelmed by monsters (which has happened before…did I mention creepers have a horrible tendency to explode during the day? they destroyed my home…..twice), built a mini-city of sorts on an island (reminds of me of Singapore, now I think about it)..anyway off topic.

It is really up to you, I think someone on youtube made a tutorial on how to build a Japanese Samurai tower.

Nevertheless, the reason I stopped playing it was because it eventually became boring to me. I also am now back in school so I cannot spent as much time focusing on my projects in minecraft anymore. It does not necessarily mean  that is a bad game. It is a good game, however it may quickly lose it novelty to some gamers quickly. It is merely on the type of the gamer you are.


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