Book review: The Little Prince

“What is essential is invisible to the eye” The Little Prince pg 72

The Little Prince is a book written by the French writer Antonie De Saint Exupery translated into English. The book serves as his moral allegory and spiritual autobiography. I read this book for my summer reading as a preparation for literature and as the subject of my English oral. We explore several themes throughout this novel such as the dangers of being narrow-minded, spiritual fulfillment, secrecy and the mysterious meaning of life. Of course, this is my opinion and my interpretation of the novel.

His book is meant for children hence written in a fairy tale style with illustrations. However, it is a wonderful book that I do recommend people to read. It is touching and the illustrations do enhance your reading by emphasizing the points and add humor to the story.

In this story, Antonie teaches in readers on the life lessons he has learned using motifs, themes, symbols, imagery and a whole bunch of other great fantastic literary devices which I admit, I am lazy to explain all of right now. That, and I also don’t really know all of my literary terms which is sort of sad considering that I am studying literature in school at the moment, but hey no one is perfect. Besides, that’s a lot of terms to remember and I do not have the best of memories (blame my ADD).

The little prince in this novel, does not have a name but only referred to as ‘the little prince’. He is seen as a naive boy from another planet who is exploring Earth. He serves as the child who we all once were and the innocence we had towards the world. Our narrator who is relating the prince’s story to us, represents the adult who has forgotten what is like to be a child, but not enough to not be able to befriend the child. Antonie teaches us this moral lessons through the little prince’s tale on what he has seen and experienced before his landing on Earth, as well the lessons he has learned on Earth.

His story comes through his experiences in the Sahara desert when his plane crashed with him and his fellow navigator. The characters from his novel come from those experiences such as the little prince is based on Antonie when he was a young child. As a young lad, he was referred to as the ‘sun king’ due to his golden curly hair, much similar to the little prince’s appearance. The fox is based on the desert sand fox he saw in the desert. Those are two examples I will mention.

It is a novel I recommend because of the beauty this written work is. It holds many truths and it is touching. It is a novel that I am sure I will be taking a peek at throughout my own life. A wonderful book for both adults, young adults and children.


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