Harry Potter (1-3)

Okay, now we review the game(s) from my childhood. Harry Potter. Yes, that’s right Harry Potter. We’re gonna review the Philosophers Stone right to the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Philosopher’s stone was one of the first games I ever played on the P.C other than Tarzan (lol). The Philosopher’s stone was hard to play since you had to ‘trace’ the outline of the spell in order to learn it. It didn’t help when you had a time limit as well to ‘master’ the spell. Or a very, very jerky mouse. The spell challenges were fun though and they were all unique throughout. I find it weird how potions had its own challenge as well but it was fun to play, bit spooky given that it took place in the dungeons. I loved the quidditch matches because I got to knock other players and dodge bludgers which is always fun. Even if I was terrible at that. I think I enjoyed going to Hagrid’s and helping him although I do not remember why we needed fire seeds for. I think it might been for the dragon.

I didn’t really like the fact on how they didn’t make it clear that you had to trade with the Wesley twins to finish the Wizard card collection and to see the bonus ending which by the way was hilarious.

Expect like I said, some of the challenges were hard, especially towards the end where you have to play the flute to put Fluffy to sleep (which I barely succeed at), battle the Devil’s snare, catch the flying key, do the Wizard’s chess, choose the right potion then finally battle Voldemort which isn’t really easy. At all, but it was good fun nevertheless because some of the challenges were fun. Like, chasing Draco all over Hogwarts on brooms trying to get Neville’s remembrall back.


Onto the Chamber of Secrets.

The Chamber of Secrets was also hard like the first one especially when you have to learn the spells. Expect instead of tracing the spell, you had to press the correct arrow key as the ‘wand’ goes over it. You do this 3 times expect the 3rd time it increases speed and you still got a timer. At least it was much easier compared to tracing spells. You still had spell challenges except now you had a timer of sorts and finding challenge stars increased the time. So your goal was to complete it as fast as possible while finding as many challenge stars as possible.

If you are lucky, when you are doing a spell challenge if you find all the challenge stars, you may be lucky to find a short cut in the game that takes you straight to the final star. I loved that. Saves time. If you get enough, you get to have fun in the jelly bean bonus room, which I recommend you take full advantage of. You need those jelly beans.

The main problem I had with the Chamber of Secrets was combating Imps. They were the most annoying enemy in the game I had to battle. Not only do you have to quickly stun them and throw them in a gnome hole. If you are too slow, they’ll bite you and they are seriously fast little buggers. I hated them with a passion. I also equally hated the one spell challenge, I can’t remember the spell name but I think it was the one where you made the floor bouncy which you can jump on to reach new areas.

Another issue I had with was how you had to pay a lot of jelly beans to buy the ingridents for a healing potion, believe me, you need a TON of them for when you go into the Chamber of Secrets. Oh, you  need some too when confront Aragog as well. As well, it was a disappointment that the quidditch practice scene was too hard, you lose pretty much automatically.

Yeah, the first two games weren’t really my favorites nor was I too impressed but they are great games in their own right.


Now onto the winner and my favorite by far -drum rolls insert here- The Prisoner of Azkaban!

So in the Prisoner of Azkaban, there are multiple advantages that it has over the first two games:

  1. You do not need ‘learn’ the spell, you just go straight to the spell challenge room and ‘master’ their uses
  2. There are no time limits during spell challenges
  3. Instead of finding ’10’ challenge stars, you only need to find 5 challenge shields
  4. You get to fly Buckbeak the hippogriff
  5. You get to play Ron, Hermione and Harry instead of just Harry in the games
  6. You get to go shopping in the Wesley twins’ shop (buying portrait passwords are fun)

However, there a few disadvantages:

  1. You don’t get to play qudditch at all (just watch a really long cut scene)
  2. Fighting dementors is hard (since you fight more than 3 at a time)
  3. Learning how to fly Buckbeak is slightly hard till you practice a lot
  4. Some of the challenges to earn the Wizard’s card set such as fighting the ‘Monster book of monsters’ and Pixies are rather long and may be a challenge

However, it is my favorite as I find it easier compared to the earlier two games. I enjoyed it from beginning to end once I managed to defeat the dementors. To be honest, I loved the game to the point where I played it from beginning to end (earning the perfect ending by completing every achievement, yeah…I’m one of those gamers) in total at least four times.

I do not know if you can still find those games since they would rely on an older windows system. Prisoner of Azkaban can be played on a Windows XP. I haven’t tried the other Harry Potter games since I stopped watching the films at the ‘Order of the Phoenix’ and the games well, obviously at Prisoner of Azkaban. However, I have read the books and know the general plot of the rest (I’m still upset that Rowling killed off my favorite characters).

If you do play/able to play the games, then do give it a try if you are someone who loves the Harry Potter series or are looking for a challenge. The games are good fun even if there are difficulties from time to time.


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