Now we review the game that got me into the Elder Scrolls series. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Yes, this was released before Oblivion.

It was also a Christmas present I think(?) from one of my father’s friends. It had some interesting games but this was by far the best out of like 6 in total games.

So the story for Morrowind is that you are the reincarnation of the legendary general named Lord Nerevar. You were born on an uncertain day to uncertain parents. You find yourself on an Imperial Prison ship being transported to Vvardenfell. This is basically your starting point, from there you meet your handler who gives you a series of quests which steer you to the ultimate show-down against the main antagoinst of this story: Lord Voryn Dagoth or aka Dagoth Ur and his Sixth house.

Throughout this, you can complete side-quests which earn you more fame. You can join guilds which gain you certain benefits such as trainers, weapons, cheaper repairs and so on. You also can join one of the ‘Great Houses’ which in turn, as you progress….can build your own house in stages. You have to complete the quests in order to advance the building.

Once you complete this, meaning the main quest line. There are a huge number of great mods out there, unless you aim to do the expansion packs: Tribunal and Bloodmoon. I personally prefer Bloodmoon just cause I prefer werewolves to vampires in game-play. Much more fun, although vampires have their perks.

This is a very brief over-view as I am short on time. Also, it is 2.30am. I’m officially insane :]

For more information on the plot line go to this link:

It will give you a better back story than my terrible 3 second explanation up there.

I was going to review the expansion packs but due to the time constraints that I am facing. It will not be possible at this time. Perhaps, I will when I have more time available on my hands.

It took me about more than 3 months to complete since I was dealing with school work more often. However, it is great fun although those who played Oblivion before this, may not be impressed by its graphics and the rest of it.

(For the expansions packs….Tribunal, I took a bit longer. I got my butt kicked in it a couple of times. Bloodmoon was the shortest, although I hated the maze part towards the end.)

However, it does have a great plot line in my opinion and I personally think the glass & Daedric armor and weapons look a great deal better in Morrowind than they did in Oblivion. They even had Daedric katana and bow, which my preferred weapons back in Morrowind. They also have a great range of mods such as which is by far one of my favorite homes and the home that actually had enough space for me to store all my junk that I collected in my adventures.

You may also want to have a look at:

if you rather be part of the infamous ‘Sixth House’ instead.

You may want to look at these two links for mods:


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