Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

So one of the first games on a CD that I got for my Mac was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The game revolves around two men who are in two different teams.

The main character that you will play for the most part is Sgt. John “Soap” MacTavish who is a new recruit in the British Special Air Service. You also play Sgt. Paul Jackson, an American solider who is involved in USMC 1st Force Recon deployed to the Middle East, you play as Jackson character during five levels of Act 1. Later on in the game, you will eventually play as Captain Price (Soap’s C.O) in two levels serving as flashbacks to missions occurring in 1996.

You also get to play as an American thermal-imaging TV operator aboard an AC-130 gunship during one level (providing air cover for the 22nd SAS regiment who are behind enemy lines), and a British SAS counter-terrorist operative infiltrating a hijacked airliner to save a VIP in the “Mile High Club” level (this is a bonus level, you’ll only get to play this level if you watch through all the credits at the end game).

The plot revolves around Russian Ultranationalist leader Imran Zakhaev, who is plotting to take Russia back to the times of Soviet Union. In order to distract international attention away from his plans, he funds a coup d’etat in the middle east. The Americans discover the plot and begin police action. While, the SAS regiment still continue their operations in Russia trying to stop Zakhaev.

In the Middle East, as Sgt. Jackson you are trying to capture the separatist leader Al-Asad who excuted the a president of an Middle Eastern country on live national t.v. However, you only manage to capture a t.v broadcast station that is playing a recording. Meanwhile, the SAS are trying to rescue their compromised informant Nikolai behind enemy lines.

Going back to Jackson’s team, you are trying to escape when your team finds out there is a nuclear bomb about to be detonated. However, one of your escorts is shot down by an anti-aircraft missile. Your group decides to land to rescue the surviving pilot who is under enemy fire. You manage to rescue the Cobra pilot, however the nuclear bomb suddenly detonates and you are caught in the blast. Everyone on board dies, even Jackson (this part annoyed me cause I put so much effort into rescuing the pilot, only to just die in the end).

Back in with the SAS regiment, you learn that Al-Asad managed to escape the country before the U.S invasion. He has gone into hiding at a safe house in Azerbaijan. Eventually you find him, during the intergoration his phone (Al-Asad’s) rings. Price answers it and promptly excutes Al-asad. This is because he now knows that Zakhaev was Al-Asad’s backer. He then proceeds to tell of his mission trying to assassinate Zakhaev back in 1996 (the flashback missions).

Once back to the present time; you are involved in a joint operation between the SAS, USMC Force Recon unit led by Staff Sgt. Griggs and Loyalist Russian forces led by Kamarov. In attempt to find Zakhaev, it is decided to kidnap his son Viktor. After chasing him throughout the unnamed city (and fending off the canines), you eventually corner him up on a rooftop, before you can secure him however, he commits suicide.

Zakhaev blames the western countries for his son’s death. In response, he launches ICBMs towards the United States. Your mission is then to get to the silo control room and plug in the code that will remotely detonate the ICBMs  over the Atlantic Ocean. You then try to escape with Zakhaev’s men in hot pursuit. Eventually the bridge is shot down by a helicopter. You fight off Zakhaev’s men on the bridge (while waiting for the loyalist troops to arrive to provide you backup) before an explosion incapacitates you and everyone else. Expect for Sgt. Griggs who risks his life to pull you to safety. However, he is killed. You then see, Zakheav himself and two bodyguards who kill everyone else expect for you and Price. Before he can proceed to kill both of you, they are distracted when their helicopter is shot down by the loyalist troops’ helicopter. They proceed to open fire on the loyalists. You look over to Price, who is mortally wounded he passes you his pistol which you use to shoot all 3 men. Kamarov eventually comes down the helicopter and gets you airlifted, as you are being prepped for air-lift you see a medic trying to revive Price.


This game is a rather intense first person shooter. Especially towards the end when you are trying to get into the silo control room. I did enjoy the game although at times I found the levels were a bit too hard or that I felt the instructions were not given very clearly. However, it was a good game. I did not agree on how the canines can kill you so quickly as I spent much of my time trying to kill canines before they killed me. Those who like games where they can save the world, first person shooters or the CoD franchise should try this game out.

Be careful playing it on a Mac though, it will cause your Mac to overheat very quickly. Also, be sure to have a lot of space on your hard-drive as the game does take a bit of space and while to install. I recommend you play it in a room where your Mac can be sufficiently cooled down.


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