Movie Review: Despicable Me

The movie animation ‘Despicable Me’ is a heartwarming and humorous animation.

It revolves around a super villain named Gru who aims to steal the moon. However although it is his lifelong dream, he does not really take action till his rival steal the pyramid. As he sets his plans into motions, all his plans are disrupted by the arrival of 3 little girls who turn his life upside down. At first he is rather distant but soon warms up to the girls and grows to love them. The girls too, become fond of him and see him as a father they never had.

However, the girls are taken away when his assistant calls the adoptions woman (the one that Gru talks to in Spanish, he apparently calls her a donkey). He steals the moon, remembers the girls’ have a play and tries to get there in time. However, he doesn’t make it in time and finds out that his rival has kidnapped them. The rival tells him that he’ll release the girls in return for the moon. Gru agrees but the rival obviously, decides to not keep his end of the bargain.

The assistant meanwhile, realizes the effects of the shrink-ray will disappear quickly depending on the size of the target. As Gru tries to hold onto the escape pod, he falls but the assistant saves him in their own flight vehicle. He tells Gru of the danger the girls’ are in. Long story short, he manages to save the girls’ and they give him, his mother and the minions (I love the minions, they are so adorable. I want one :p) a live encore. Of course, one minion gets bored and decides to play ‘real’ music which the girls’ get into the groove of. They manage to coax Gru onto the stage to dance with them, which he does eventually and with skill (till a minor accident). They stand in the middle of the stage, which extends a platform through the roof of their house, where they stand contentedly looking at the moon.

It is one of my favorite animations as it is humorous and great to watch with the family. It does become depressing when he and girls’ are forcibly separated but the ending makes up for that.

If you are looking for a movie to watch with your family, friends, cat, dog, hedgehog or just by yourself. This is a great movie to watch.


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