Book Review: Japanese Ghost Stories by Catrien Ross

Japanese Ghost Stories by Catrien Ross, was actually an misleading title.

You would assume it is a collection of Japanese ghost stories but it’s not. It is actually a research book, that has a few ghost stories mentioned in it. Not what I was hoping for when I purchased the book, nevertheless it was still somewhat interesting to read for those interested in the evolution of supernatural tales in Japanese lore.

I did find it interesting, although I admit I was disappointed as I had felt I was misled by the title.

It does have some ghost stories in it, relating to certain locations within Japan that have been known to be haunted. It also tells ghost stories in the locations of Japan you least expect. However, there are very few ghost stories. Even with a chapter dedicated to it, there is not a whole lot as most of the book is research.

Nevertheless, those who are devoutly christian or believers of the Bible may want to avoid this book. This book does have a controversial chapter regarding Jesus Christ. It talks of how the one who died on the cross is not Jesus but his brother. The real Jesus supposedly goes to Japan, a place he had been to before and decides to stay there. He eventually dies there. There are grave-sites that claim to be the real burial-place of Jesus Christ so be careful about that.

At times, the book does seem to be heavily worded at times. However, the pictures included in the book are appropriate to the chapter and is properly captioned to explain what it is.

However, it is a good read and the book is relatively easy to understand. Even if I skipped parts of the research because I found it too boring to read through and was more interested in finding the ghost/mystery stories she included in the book.


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