Movie Review: Puss in Boots

Recently, I watched Puss in Boots.

It gives a humorous if not, touching story of how Puss became ‘Puss in Boots’.  It has great dancing in the movie, and interesting characters with their own back-stories.

They do give unexpected plot twists, such as the amusing reveal of what exactly is ‘the great terror’.

It does have a sad ending for one of the characters yet it is made up for the dancing and the humorous ending and showing of credits.

I particularly like how Puss first meets ‘Kitty Soft-paws’ where they have a brilliant dance off, although Puss does smash her head with a guitar (he doesn’t realize she is a girl yet). Kitty responds with shock and disgust by taking off her mask and exclaims “You hit my head…with a guitar?!” before Puss in turn, reveals his shock of her actual gender.

I found it also funny how Puss chases after the bright spot of light, very much like most typical cats will.

If you love Puss in Boots, or an excuse to watch an animation. Puss in Boots is all you need.


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