Movie Review: The Adventures of Tin Tin – Secret of the Unicorn

On Wednesday, I celebrated the last day of my exams by watching Tin Tin.

I was particularly looking forward to watching this movie, since the Adventures of Tin Tin had been a big part of my childhood.So finding out something from your childhood being finally made into a movie was a thrill. Obviously they started with the first comic that starts the whole saga (if you like to call it that), with the Secret of the Unicorn.

It was a bit disappointing for me in the end, I felt the movie was extremely short. The folks did do a great job in building up to the climax of the story and sticking majorly to the plot line.

I love how they portrayed the characters and I felt the voices of the voice actors matched with the characters really well.

The beginning certainly did pay homage to the comic book, by how the painter draws Tin Tin’s portrait.

However, it is a still a great movie which I recommend to those looking for a great action animation with humor or those who also grew up reading Tin Tin.


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