Being One (online game series)

Being One is still the best online game I enjoyed this year, filled with suspense, puzzles and action.

I do not particularly like online puzzle games since they drive me nuts but this one is an exception.

We shall get right into it by starting with Episode 1 (obviously)

Episode 1: Escape the Lab

What first attracted me to the game was the name and its screenshot.

In the beginning, you find yourself in a vat filled with a mysterious green liquid. You cannot remember who/what you are. Your only concern is to get out. This is your first puzzle, how the heck do you get out?

Once you figure that out, you explore the lab. You find information regarding yourself via x-rays, reports and you find other alien species trapped in vats similar to yours. You can choose to put them out of their misery by unplugging their vats from the life support system. One of them even sends you a creepy yet desperate telepathic message. You eventually figure out the password for the computer and open the door. You encounter your first boss which is a robot. You kill it and you proceed onwards.

It is a relatively short game but you are timed. The puzzles can be a bit annoying at first, especially finding all the blood samples which are needed for you to gain access to the computer. It already sets the atmosphere which you’ll be experiencing throughout the game.


Episode two: Bloodbath

The second one continues off from where you left off (where you destroyed the machine). You find a new tool (or two) to aid you in your quest to escape and find out more about yourself. This time, you end up in some sort of vampire research facility. You find information via the data-pads left by the people who worked there, and get scared by the random vampire. You also find a black light that can be used to reveal hidden messages (written in blood by the vampires most likely). You learn about this supposed secret that they were trying to decode from the vampires. Again, like the first one, you need to find blood samples (this is for obvious reasons).

You eventually decode the passage written by vampires referring to their ‘Sanguine Chalice’ and the hidden code in the message. It turns out the chalice isn’t the elixir of long life or anything you would expect. It is a gun. You are going to need that weapon as you are attacked by vampires and then the scientist’s research project which is a flying vampire robot. After you destroy it, you continue onwards to Episode 3.

Great game, although annoying on how you need to find blood samples and the codes that are on blueprints scattered through the level.

Vampires do add to the tension as they appear randomly and did scare me out of my wits a few times. The boss enemy was certainly creepy. I mean, c’mon its a vampire robot that can fly. It’s appearance alone is creepy. I did like that sudden twist on the chalice’s true identity as a gun rather than some mystic artifact that can change you into a vampire. The hidden messages add to the mood and a mystery to your character. Since you are attacked by one of them (if you fall for a certain trap) yet you are not inflicted with the disease and recover miraculously from your massive blood loss (meaning, you should have died from your encounter).


Episode 3: Dark Matter

This is one of the hardest and annoying levels for me.

After you defeat the vampire machine, you proceed into the elevator which obviously dies on you. You use your multi-tool to help you escape, and you climb up the elevator shaft. You keep climbing, noting all the strange research levels going on in the facility. You reach up to a level called ‘Dark Matter’. You go in and you find a new tool that is a door hacker. This I found annoying as I was never good at remember the codes or what number were successful.

Anyway, like before you learn more about yourself and the research going on in this particular level. You try to equalize pressure so you can open the door. You do encounter dark matter as an entity which can only be banished by the use of light. Once you open the doors (and encounter dark matter), you once again get on an elevator. On your way to the service elevator, you see thousands, if not millions of vats similar to the one you started it. Filled with all sorts of aliens species as far as the eye can see. You pass throw them 3 times, before finally reaching the elevator. This is your second encounter with dark matter. You activate all the lights on the lift to get rid of it. This is shorter than the rest but the whole door hacking scenario may take longer.

You also learn you are on an asteroid above the Earth.


Final Episode (4): Moon Rise

If you did not learn from the 3rd episode, you learn from this one that you are on an asteroid. You also learn what is left on the moon is now on full view from the research station….and that it horrible effects on certain residents within the station.

This is a bit more gruesome in the sense that you see dead bodies, got to use a dead guard’s body bits to activate the door. You do need your gun to shoot at the werewolves. Anyway, you do get attacked and eventually at a stage change into a werewolf yourself. You use your claws to rid of debris and change back to your normal self at the escape pod station place (all the while, learning about the werewolves and yourself….also a final message from Venus the woman who helped you escape, gave you the hand-phone and other information). This is the annoying part, you need to equalize the area and do other various puzzles before you can escape.

Once the ship is charged up, open the doors and watch the final cut scene.

You finished the series!


If you wish to play the game(s), here are the links:

Ep 1:

Ep 2:

Ep 3:

Ep 4:

If you get stuck, there is an official walk-through on YouTube.


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