Book/Play Review: The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller’s play bring a chilling resemblance and links between the Salem witch-trails to McCarthyism which plagued the United States during the Cold War.

He has done incredible research on this topic before writing his own play. He has admitted to making changes so he can write a play. Such as the main antagonist’s age from being 7 to being a young woman of 17.

In the play, we are already witnessing the action and set onto the edge of your seats, due to great amount of tension surrounding the whole set (or mood of the play).

We are introduced to most of the main characters in the first chapter. We also see the dramatic irony in the play. His characters are amazingly realistic and life-like with intense dialogues.

It is set in a town that is still ruled by the church. We meet characters filled with greed, pride and lust in the town yet we meet encounter others who are filled with virtue. A town that is thrown into hysteria after when a lie has become something larger than it actually is. People profiting from the chaos. People losing their lives from accusations unfounded. People found guilty till they can prove beyond doubt that they are truly innocent. A man’s desperate fight to save his wife from the gallows due to his sin of lust. A girl’s cruel deception and threats of violence over those in her control. A judge who refuses to believe he is biased. A naive priest from another town believed to be an expert in the occult. A priest filled with pride and refuses to acknowledge the whole witchcraft idea is a lie.

As John Proctor/John Hale [need to check on who actually said that] stated in the play ‘It is not witchcraft plaguing the town, but vengeance’

A tense, suspense filled play from beginning to end. I really did enjoy this play. I particular like how he (Miller) characterizes his characters. The dialogue is amazing and Abigail is brilliant as a villain. Abigail’s ultimate deception is brilliant and is added to her malicious when she ultimately does a disappearing act. People should really give this play, The Crucible a read.


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