Fallout 3

So yes, this game is a bit old (released at 2008). But I do not care. I got Fallout 3 while it was discount on Steam along with all of the DLCs for the game (it was included, those will be reviewed later).

My first impressions of Fallout 3 during the whole beginning tutorial if you will, was that it was long and dragged out. Although it does add to the back-story and possible tension between your character when he/she re-meets their old friend in a side-quest (if you choose to do the side-quest, called Trouble on the Home-front).

Here, also you can choose your major perks by doing the “G.O.A.T” test or ask your teacher to help you cheat through the dreaded exam. Suddenly, your awaken by your friend who tells you that your father has managed to mysteriously escape the Vault. This has horrible implication as now, her father has gone insane with power and now thirsts for your blood. She gives some ammo and a .32 pistol to help you. She tells you where you can escape. Here, you can grab some things to aid you like your trusty BB-gun and ammo.

You fight your way (or sneak) and eventually reach the Overseer’s office and make your escape into the unforgiving terrain.

The rest from then on is history. Your choices affect how factions view you and how the game ends.

Yes, like most rpg games from Bethesda Softworks, you can be the biggest nightmare to stalk the wastes, a mysterious neutral wandering around or the next thing to a living angel helping the needy. So there is a karma system and as you level up, depending on your actions your pip-boy will show the appropriate status. Your actions will decide which bounty hunting faction will come after you. The Talon company will be hired privately to harass you and attempt to murder you due to your good karma. The Regulators, the essential bounty hunters of evil will obviously, come to seeking your head if you have bad karma. Oh right, you also will affect what Three-Dog of the Galaxy News Radio will have to say about you.

It is a rather intense shooter especially when fighting the super mutants, feral ghouls (I especially hate the ‘Glowing ones’) and the evil faction called the Enclave. Most of them can take heavy damage before deciding to die.

You do have access to a vast array of weapons, allies and armor in the game. Or clothing, if you prefer to be in clothes rather than armor.

The repair system is different as well. For me it was, as you need to have in your inventory whatever weapon or armor closest to the one you wish to repair. It does bring some realism to the game, as in an apocalyptic wasteland you need to savage what useful bits you can from anything to repair your own, in order to survive.

The map is rather large, but it does bring in a lot of the real life locations into the game. Such as the Washington monument to name one (I can’t bother to think of any other else).

I did enjoy the plot very much as I did find it unique from other games I usually play. I often play games such as the Elder Scrolls series so the fact that this time, you actually have a father in the game does may things interesting. You also meet characters who know you such as your childhood friend and the jerk at the Megaton Saloon.

However, the one problem I had with the game was the extensive amount of travelling you have to do. I often had to rely on the fast-travel system as I never had the patience to actually walk/run from one place to another. Although, I will admit it adds realism to the game once again. In the effect, that almost everything has been destroyed. But I would like to have travel options such as your character (if they were an expert in repair or robotics for example) could repair a motorcycle or some car at least. Or even own a vetribird from the Enclave.

I did experience a slight problem with the game. The problem being that it does have a tendency to crash from time to time. When I checked on this, it appears not to be a big issue due to the platform or the game itself not being very stable when it was released. However, this was not much of a problem as the incidents were far and few in between. So do not let that deter you from this great game.

If you get a certain perk, you may experience a lot of gore in the game.  Then again, the game in itself is a bit gruesome. However, if you don’t want gore then I suggest you don’t get the ‘A Bloody Mess Perk’ or if you research on the Fallout 3 Nexus, there are mods that can remove all the blood and gore from the game.

However, in order to continue the game you will need the DLC Broken Steel in order to continue. This is important if you sacrifice yourself to save everyone else. Unless you choose to send the escort from the Brotherhood of Steel in there. This was another problem for me as well. I did not enjoy the idea of how the game suddenly ends and you have no way of continuing the game. So that was the reason why I got all of the DLC packs. Might as well if I was buying one just so I could continue the game. Personally, I chose to sacrifice myself just so I can feel like they owed me. Besides, that escort girl does reappear later on in Broken Steel to save your arse from the base impeding destruction from missile.

For more on the DLC packs, they are reviewed separately.

What are you waiting for? Go buy this amazing game right now!  However, if you do then I recommend playing this using a desktop computer or a laptop that can handle games that use intensive graphics.


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