Fallout 3 DLC: Broken Steel

So this is an extremely important DLC to have for Fallout 3. ESPECIALLY since you need it in order to continue the game. This continues from where Fallout 3 ends. You awaken to find yourself in the medical bay of the Brotherhood’s headquarters.

Elder Lyons informs you that you and his daughter (if you DID NOT sacrifice her) had been knocked out by an energy spike, and that you have been in a coma for two weeks. You also learn that the Purifier is working and that everyone in the Wastelands are receiving fresh water known as Aqua Pura. You can even go to the Purifier to see what you can do to help the scribes that are there. But moving onto the main quest for the DLC.

He informs you that they are having trouble finishing off the Enclave. So you offer your help and you do various tasks to help the Brotherhood rid of their enemy once and for all.

This mostly centers on destroying the Enclave. If that isn’t obvious by now.

You destroy the Enclave’s base or you can destroy the Citadel but I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you really hate the Brotherhood of Steel. But how are you going to be rid of the annoying Enclave for good?! Besides, I rather indulge the fact that Brotherhood are aware they are indebted to you for all of the good you done.

If you chose to destroy the Enclave, you have a final stand-off on the roof-tops with 3 waves of Enclave troops. However in the final vetribird turns out to be a captured one as your allies from the Brotherhood jump out. Sarah re-emerges at this point, having recovered from her coma. The pilots take you and everyone else to a safe distance so you can watch the destruction from the missile strikes.

Once back in the vetribird, you are informed by the pilots that Elder Lyons wishes to talk to you. Back at the base, he thanks you and the rest of that lovely ‘thank you’ talk. He does say you are a member of the Brotherhood now. You can talk to the Scribe and he’ll tell you that your name will be forever be remembered in their archives.

You can also talk to Sarah Lyons. She does hint in the end (well, this is amusing you do choose to let her live and sacrifice yourself) that she has romantic feelings for you, the Lone Wanderer (regardless of your gender). So that can be used in role-playing, if you are a role-player or what to have a lover/companion for your character of sorts.

So the DLC does bring in new perks for your characters, new enemies and new armor & weapons.

According to the site, you were meant to get a cut scene where Sarah hints of her possible feelings for the ‘Lone Wanderer’ but I never got that cut scene.  However, she does hint in the dialogue she has with you so that is fine with me. I felt some of the Enclave troops were over-powered. It is shorter than I would have liked but not as sort as another DLC called: Operation Anchorage.

Overall, I was satisfied with the DLC and enjoyed the ending of the quest-line thoroughly.


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