Fallout 3 DLC: Operation Anchorage

This was my favorite by far. However, it was extremely short compared to the rest of the DLC you can get for Fallout 3.

To start off, you will receive a radio signal which you can use to listen. It is from the Brotherhood outcasts who state they need help in fighting the Super Mutants. So you go over there and give them a hand. You eventually find a service lift which leads into their base.

You get taken to their boss who states they will need your help. They want the armor and weapons that a vault room has but cannot open it. It is opened only once you complete a simulation of Operation Anchorage but they cannot do it on their owns as they do not own a Pip-boy 3000. However, you do and the leaders states you can get your half in the room if you choose to help.

So you decide to help. It is a simulation of a fight between US forces and Communist China.

The gameplay is a little different as there will be at certain points: a health refill and ammo given to you. The health and ammo refill machines completely restore your health and ammo to the maximum. They also provide grenades/mines and mircofusion cells on the tables/crates nearby them. They are highlighted in red and made a noise whenever you are nearby. I recommend you use them frequently as there are a lot of enemies here.

You can also gain 3 new perks, if I am correct. However, to get 1 particular perk you will need to be able to find all of the intel suitcases scattered through the missions.

You eventually storm the enemy base where amidst the fighting, you meet their General who informs you that you will never survive. You can go through a speech check here that can make him suicide as he’d rather die than be dishonored by being captured or you can just fight him to the death. He does have a unique weapon which is a Chinese Officer’s sword with electricity flowing through it. Attacking an enemy with this in stealth mode and they will be disintegrated into nothing more than ash.

Anyway, you complete the simulation and the leader thanks you for your help. I recommend you quickly suit up in your normal gear and get weapons ready. You hear an exchange between him and his second in command. His second is upset that they have to share the goods with you. Angered by his leader’s response of that ‘a deal is a deal’, he begins to attack. I recommend you kill him before he can draw his weapon to kill the leader. The rest of the outcast in the base will than attack expect for the ones outside and the Scribe lady. If both of them survived, they thank you and allow you to take what you want in the base. Here, you can get your infamous stealth armor and weapons you loved so much in the simulation.

I got the stealth armor, the power armor, the sword and the Gauss rifle from there and left. I preferred the stealth armor (definitely) and the sword.

That is the end of the DLC.


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