Book Review: Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling

Captains Courageous is a novel by Rudyard Kupling.

This is a story about a spoiled boy from New York who falls overboard a luxury linear. When he wakes up, he finds himself on a fishing boat. He demands to the captain to be taken back to New York. The Captain naturally refuses and ends up smacking the boy.

The spoiled boy eventually makes friends with the captain’s son and decides to earn his keep. As it progresses, we see a spoiled boy going from boyhood into manhood (in a sense) and learns what it is to earn one’s bread. He changes and becomes someone new who is more respectful to others. He does in the end, manage to reunite with his parents, his father and him make amends. He then asks his father to allow him to take over his tea clipper industry once he is done graduated. The two friends reunite outside the mansion in a heart-warming ending.

This was an interesting story as it was heartwarming. There is a hint of supernatural as there are mentions of some superstitions that fishermen believe. I believe the story was well-written, it was easy to read, well-detailed and the illustrations suited the story perfectly.

I think people who are looking for a book to teach moral lessons should read this, or read it to their children as it is a great novel. It may teach or help them to realize something about themselves. It certainly helped me to realize that I had been a jerk to my parents and was indeed spoiled. I am glad that I have changed my ways, I suppose I am still spoiled in a way but I do try to earn the things I want.


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