Fallout 3 DLC: Mothership Zeta

This DLC for Fallout 3 was probably my least favorite in terms of combat. However, I did love the setting for this.

However, be careful when you play this. Why? You have to watch a scary cut-scene where you see aliens doing weird experiments on you. There is a  part of the cut-scene in particular disturbed me. I am not sure if you can skip the cut-scene, I recommend you do unless you are really brave to watch it through.

Nevertheless, the spaceship I thought was extremely well done. Especially how you can see out into space and see Earth. I enjoyed the view so I always end up returning to the ship, just so I can see the effort for the graphics and details that Bethesda Softworks put into this.

Like Operation Anchorage, there are aids that help to heal you. To be more precise, there are special archways that heal you in Mothership Zeta. Another unique thing is how this game incorporates holograms. I found that extremely neat. The battle with the other mothership was interesting but I did not like how the aliens often came in waves.

I did have some problems. As I said in the beginning, the combat for this I found harder than the others. There were aliens that had some sort of kinetic shielding that made it nearly impossible to kill them. They took harder hits which does make sense given they were given the special perk of absorbing kinetic energy. Although, I found the space ship extremely well done in terms of layout and detail, it did become annoying due to its vastness. I could not indulge in exploring every nook and cranny in the ship, like I usually do in games just to be through and a die hard habit.

Another problem I had was how if you did a sneak kill on a single alien, that would trigger a sudden onslaught of aliens. So I did not agree with that aspect for the game. I was also disappointed on how the alien captain looked like an ordinary alien, expect for having a unique alien pistol on him. Which looked like an ordinary alien pistol expect for the “unique” name given to it.

Also, in the end after you destroy the other mothership, the bodies still remain and you cannot rid of it. Unless you use the console or a mod to remove them.

What I especially did not like how in the end of this DLC, you could not go back to explore rest of the ship. You need to download a mod, just so you can go back to explore rest of the ship to your heart’s content. This point was the one that really upset me and made me disappointed.

The other characters you meet here, I thought were well characterized. I was a little confused why they would include a samurai. But when I thought about it, it does make sense if the aliens supposedly returned at each era of man to take 1 specimen. It was amusing since even with subtitles, you could not understand what the samurai was saying. The addition of the little girl was interesting. The idea of having to rely on a child to aid you in opening doors, was certainly a great touch. Since, if you finished Fallout 3 (and have Broken Steel or did this before finishing Fallout 3), it brings the idea of how even the greatest hero of the wastelands has to rely on others to carry out a task.

Other than that, I really liked the scenery in the DLC. I think the aliens and robots could be more unique. The alien captain was a bit of a disappointment. There was some humor considering the poor misplaced samurai amongst english speaking people.


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