Portal & Portal 2

A rather delayed post. Tried to balance the blog as I noticed I do more games than books or movies. However, it is time to review Portal as I have been delayed it long enough.

Portal was a different genre of games I usually play. I tend to avoid puzzle type games as I usually rage quit when I cannot solve a puzzle. Nevertheless, I am glad I played Portal as it proved to be an enjoyable challenge. All the challenges (or tests I should say) were all unique and at times, melted my brain as I racked all my brain cells trying to figure a way to solve it.

GLaDOS and her dialogue was fantastic it added humor to the game (and at times provided hints….if not trying to kill you), and although tries to murder you in the end…I grew fond of her and became my favorite character in the Portal series.

The final fight between the player and Glados was nerve-wracking as you have to run all over the place and timing proved to be important.

Only problem I had with Portal was the length. It was rather short compared to Portal 2. I admit, I actually played Portal 2 first before Portal.

It was still enjoyable despite the shortness of it and the ending cut-scene reveals how you end up…where you end up in Portal 2.


Onto Portal 2!

Starts off rather relaxed but quickly becomes fast paced and you are thrust back into the puzzles.

Wheatly, your trusty comedic personality core aids you as you try to escape the testing facility again. Messages from a past victim is scrawled all over the walls and the facility is in ruins.

As you go through the challenges, learning new things and implementing them to your advantage while dodging turrets and wander through the “behind-the-scenes” of the testing rooms….you encounter “her” again. She somehow comes to life, throws Wheatly and forces you to take life-threatening puzzles. Wheatly makes a reappearance and you eventually manage to get him to control the facility. However, instead of escaping like planned…something changes in Wheatly and you and “potato Glados” as I refer to her, are now separated from each other and deep in the bowels of the old, forgotten structures of the facility. You are forced to go through the dangerous, water filled ruins on your own and save potato Glados whom decides to join forces with you. As both of you now have the same agenda (I did anyway): Revenge.

As you progress through the forgotten ancient infrastructure, you learn more about the laboratories and the man who built it. Providing a very interesting back-story and hilarious dialogue from the man which removed bit of the edge of situation you find yourself in. As you progress your way up, you learn that Wheatly is making the facility worse and in danger of a nuclear meltdown. However, he forces you to do tests due to a mechanism that makes him addicted to the feeling of tests being completed (which spooked me out a bit). If you played Portal and thought that boss battle was hard. Wait till you do the boss battle in Portal 2. It is worse and will force you to think quickly.

However, soon Glados saves you and restores herself back to her rightful place; in control of the facility. Instead of killing you or making you do tests, she actually lets you free due to having 2 new helpers to do tests for her. Turrets sing you a good-by song (which made me a little sad actually xD) and you reach the end of your ordeal. She even gives a companion cube to keep you company.

I loved in both games, the ending songs during the credits. I think the lyrics and the song overall are lovely. I actually rage quit a few times cause the puzzles just boggled my mind. However, I did solve them eventually.

The ending is rather open as Chell’s (the player)  ultimate fate is unknown.

Nevertheless, great game overall and I enjoyed the challenge it gave me as it forced me to go slowly to think through the puzzles. It made me “think outside the box” in a sense.

If you ask why this is categorized in Mac and PC games, it can be played on both platforms. You just lag a bit on the Mac, I know because I played it on a Mac.

I really do recommend you try either one (or both) of these games. Especially if you like a challenge.


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