L4D2 Custom Map: Cursed Train

Another recent custom map we played for Left For Dead 2 was called: Cursed Train.

I believe it is still in the Beta phase, so the current release is very short.


  • Interesting setting
  • Good atmosphere => could be creepy at times, especially when you have a witch involved
  • Even in Beta, it is well done and there is a lot of potential for this map
  • Some of the carriages had good detail e.g the medical carriage with x-rays and body parts


  • Still in the Beta stages
  • Extremely easy in Normal mode
  • Very short
  • Easy to die e.g pushed off or plain bad luck


Enjoyable,  overall atmosphere suited the game and idea of a ‘cured train’, it shows great potential. However; still needs a bit of fine tuning (little more detail put in, perhaps?), experienced lagging issues especially if restarting the campaign, it is a little too short for my liking and some parts of the train seemed too empty for a train that is meant to be full of infected.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=5313


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