L4D2 Custom Campaign: Questionable Ethics

Today’s custom campaign is: Questionable Ethics.

My friend and I actually played this after we played the map’s squeal which is called ‘Questionable Ethics: Alpha Test‘.

There are 4 maps in total in this campaign. In total, we took little over 2 hours to complete the map. We still had time to do an extra map which I will review after this.

Unlike the other game reviews. I am going to write the pros and cons of this campaign, ending with a conclusion. Simply because I am sure it is easier than reading my essay reviews.

See below for link to the campaign. You will need to make an account on the site to download the map.


  • The idea of the campaign is unique
  • The puzzles were unique and challenging (Loved the jumping puzzles in particular)
  • Instead of typical “guns blazing”, you need to think through the puzzles. E.g jumping puzzles where you had to look/discern where it is safest to land
  • Hidden objects behind the yellow paintings (although not always necessarily a good thing)
  • Finale was great in terms of the suspenseful ending (leading to its squeal) and the decoy ‘escape’ at the end of the tunnel
  • Number codes played a role in the game, thus needed a good memory or a pen + paper close by (had to restart campaign when I realized I didn’t write the code down)
  • Surprise cameos in form of the dead survivors from L4D 1
  • Each map had its own unique puzzle/challenge
  • Team work is essential to this map if playing with friends, a challenge if playing single-player


  • Finale proved to be quite a challenge, with 4 tanks attacking you as you try to escape
  • Deaths were frequent, in particular during the finale
  • Laser and water traps proved to be annoying after a while
  • Bots were not always helpful


Definitely a challenge. Unique compared to other maps, where instead of just charging through zombies…you needed to slow down at times to solve puzzles or avoid traps. Suspense proved to be great as there is tension in regards to the mystery of how the survivors ended up in the facility, the tragic fates of the first survivors and what happens to the group now that they survived the first ordeal of the tests. The tanks became annoying during the finale but not impossible to beat. If you count letting your friend and a bot die, in order to reach the safe room. However, those looking for a challenge with different gameplay style should try this map. It is great fun and I think it is a must play map.

Here’s the link for the campaign.



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