L4D2 Custom Campaign: Military Industrial Complex II

Today’s custom campaign is: Military Industrial Complex II

I actually played this quite a while back so I will not write an introduction to this campaign.


  • Rather suspenseful
  • Large map
  • Good detail involved in the map, although I did have broken textures here and there
  • Special infected trapped in cages
  • Elevator ride was epic although attacked by several hordes and 2 tanks (caught me off-guard)
  • Traps were well thought out
  • Explosions are always great
  • Med-kits and weapons were well placed
  • Sentry robots enough said


  • Bots were a nuisance as they had trouble following at some parts
  • Some of the gas cans could be placed in better positions
  • Due to large size, it can be confusing where to go at parts
  • Medical bay….spastic dude scared the crap out of me

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=6562


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