L4D2 Custom Campaign: Yama (Beta)

So I played this one pretty way back. Just never go around to reviewing it.

The Yama map is still in beta so there is 3 maps out of 5 released (or 2 and a half as the author puts it). The campaign is set in lovely Japan….well previously lovely Japan till it unfortunately got overrun by the virus.

Let’s get right down to the pros and cons shall we?


  • Great city layout in the first map
  • 3rd map added great contrast in terms of color
  • Loved the cable car ride
  • Interesting location for safe-house in final map


  • Second map is extremely confusing with no clear direction (you have to remember certain landmarks)
  • Second map, I had to constantly restart due to dying constantly
  • Bots can get stuck sometimes (especially the ambulance safe-house)
  • Hard to get into ambulance safe-house
  • For me personally, Tokyo has a rather large population so I think it should have more horde attacks in the city area, especially in the street levels
  • Many paths led to dead ends which can be disorienting (see first point) and often to no supplies
  • For map 2, I think there is a huge loophole, the previous safe-house was an ambulance and suddenly you end up in a cabin

Despite the many cons, this was an actually a great fun map to play. Although I did get frustrated in map 2, I really enjoyed map 3. I think those who are looking for a challenge, due to the maze-like city, navigating cars with alarms and tanks/chargers attacking in tight spaces..then this would be a good map. I am really looking forward to the author of the campaign to finishing the map and fix up any bugs/glitches.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=14482


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