Movie Review: Dark Shadows

I recently watched an Tim Burton movie that starred Johnny Depp called Dark Shadows.

I heard that the movie had some pretty bad reviews back in the States(?) but I personally though the movie was pretty good.

I enjoyed the humor and how Depp’s character has to learn to adapt to a new environment after being held captive for 200 centuries. Extremely entertaining.

Right off during the beginning scenes, I saw it was a romance. As the movie progressed, I could not help but feel pity for the antagonist of the movie.

I thought Eva Green portrayed her character incredibly well, not to mention I thought she was really beautiful in the movie throughout. In the end, where she dies made her appear to be a tragic victim/villain of her own circumstances. I actually felt moved and sorry for her character when her character dies.

Bella Heathcote also did an exceptional job as well. Especially when she reveals the painful truth of her past and revealing her link to the mysterious ghost. Nice transformation when she turns into a vampire too.

The movie is labeled as a comedy horror movie, but it wasn’t really terrifying at all. I thought it was more of a comedy action romance kind of movie. Something I found interesting is how in the beginning, Eva Green was a brunette but goes blond. While Bella’s character is blond in the beginning then goes brunette therefore, meaning they swapped hair colors. I just found that interesting.

Anyway, great movie. Enjoyed it thoroughly.


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