L4D2 Custom Campaign: Resident Evil Outbreak

So on Saturday, my friend and I decided to play Resident Evil: Outbreak file 1. Now, in the beginning, I had my reservations as I had heard the map was extremely glitchy.

Also, I had seen a play through of the map which meant not only it was glitchy at times, but also rather hard due to the puzzles. I even told him this, however he assured me that he had played it numerous times and there was no glitches.

image from l4dmaps.com
image from l4dmaps.com

Therefore, I agreed to play R.E with him. Of course, we both were very smart in deciding playing this campaign at 10pm in the night. But enough about that. Let’s do a proper review.


  • Plenty of scares to keep you on your feet
  • Great music cues used for tanks and especially the witch
  • New skin for the hunters, making them look scary as heck
  • Shooter with puzzles incorporated
  • Very close to the RE: Outbreak game itself as you can get it, in a L4D mapping
  • Plenty of health packs => you’re gonna need it
  • Custom skins for the pistols which look pretty bloody amazing
  • Great story
image from l4dmaps.com
image from l4dmaps.com


  • For some people. the number of health packs may be a con
  • Start with a tier-2 shotgun (auto shotgun) which for me personally, was fine but other players may disagree
  • Bots have some difficultly with the ladders and may die

Overall, great map. definitely scary and kept my friend and I on our feet. We always saw the “dog” and would freak out.  Those who love RE: Outbreak will really like this map or those who seek a scary and challenging map.


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