Saints Row The Third

So usually I don’t play games that glorifies or places emphasis on gangs or whatever. I sort of realized that when I played GTA on the xbox for like 10 minutes. I just hated it. That, or I seriously suck playing these kind of games on the Xbox.

However, I actually really enjoyed Saints Row 3. The dialogues and the characters’ reactions to certain decisions you make are hilarious. I loved the sense of freedom where you can wreak havoc on enemy gang territory, exploring shops to get more clothes or whatever. Really interesting idea of game. Your choices affect everything. However, the humor to the game just added a whole new level to the game.

The DLCs as well were certainly interesting as well although some….were a little too kinky for my liking. Graphics are pretty good, the vehicles are great especially since you can customize them, customize your strongholds and how your gang members look like. Heck, you can change how your character looks like any time at ‘Dr. Plastic’ even your voice.

Really enjoyed this game although I finished this in about a month? Give or take although it does lose its novelty after a while. There is even an co-op mode but don’t really play it with anyone else. LOL, cause I cheated quite a bit xD

Anyway, great game where the usual typical villains are actually the heroes of the story.


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