I totally forgotten to make a review for Skyrim. So without further ado, we shall review it immediately!

So, right off the bat the first thing I noticed was how amazing the graphics looked. It was extremely highly detailed and literally HD. The game models were a lot more better looking and humanoid compared to the blocky versions of Oblivion. Although I never understood what was with Elder Scrolls and the protagonist always starting off as a prisoner of some sort.

Anyway, many of the weapons and armor looked amazing. The dragons were fantastic. I really enjoyed the dialogue with the dragon and how the Mages Guild and Fighter’s guild had their own ‘makeover’ essentially. Meaning, they have their Skyrim counterparts which makes it different from Morrowind and Oblivion. The werewolves looked more meancing compared to Morrowind’s Bloodmoon expansion. Although I personally liked the look of werewolves from Bloodmoon that looked more wolf-like.

I was extremely amused by the whole marriage system in the game. I am sure many other players were excited as in Oblivion and Morrowind, there were a lot of companion mods or marriage mods.

Skyrim was vast in geographical differences by having; mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, islands, snowy plains and tar-like grave pits. Very interesting.

Extremely challenging throughout, and the civil war made it all the more interesting for me. I thought it was a shame that you could not have the Blades on your side without sacrificing the dragon and vice versa. The dark brotherhood’s quests were definitely a lot more exciting and more challenging compared to Oblivion. Although, I personally wishes they had a quest similar to the Whodunit? quest of Oblivion. Lot more drama but I thought it was a  shame my favorite dark brotherhood character died. The thieves guild was pretty interesting with the whole betrayal and the introduction of Nightingale which were never mentioned in Oblivion and only a class in Morrowind. Love the Nightinagle armor and how you actually get to meet Nocturnal herself.

Loved it through and through. Those who loved the Elder Scrolls series will love this or a rpg that is challenging and dragons where you play whatever suits your gaming style or be whatever you want to be. Either that be a heroic swordsman, an elusive mage, an infamous and feared assassian or the most sought after outlaw/thief of all major cities.


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