L4D2 Custom Campaign: Deathcraft II

My god. When I first saw the Yogscast play deathcraft on L4D1, I was so excited to play this.

Of course, I tried to play the L4D 1 version on L4D2 (not a move, I’d recommend) due to being pressured by a friend.  That move caused the survivors to not load properly long after I had deleted the map. Meaning, I had to reinstall L4D2 (my god, I cannot count how many times I had to do that).

So I decided to put deathcraft II on my watch list as soon I realized the author of the original deathcraft was making it for L4D 2. Imagine how excited I was when I saw it was finished.

I told my gaming buddy of mine, Kaz who was kind enough to play with me.   Had so much fun in the campaign, and moments of fear (teehee).


  •  Minecraft
  • Lots of fun in this map
  • Incorporated portals and an Easter egg (Ender dragon, is all I’m gonna say)
  • Humor with dead YouTube celebrities (e.g tobuscus)
  • Each map was different
  • Special Infected as minecraft mobs
  • Minecraft zombies as common infected
  • The witch’s appearance in the map……was hilarious and certainly unexpected


  • Some parts of the map were confusing (but not too much of an issue)
  • Had bit of trouble when you had to find resources, especially the lever in the nether fortress (map 5, I think)
  • Tank – I didn’t really agree on how to Tank looked like (Kaz thought it looked like a massive sperm during our panic of the sudden tank music, LOL)
This is a campaign I would definitely play again. It is so much fun. even though we had frustrating moments due to dying constantly during the 2nd map (cause we’re noobs like that). If you love minecraft and play L4D 1 or 2 like I do, then this is definitely a campaign you should play. However, slower computers may/will experience some serious lagging ESPECIALLY during the horde attacks.L4D 2

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