L4D2 Custom Campaign: A Dam Mission

So this was a more recent campaign I played with Kaz and DeeDee along with Haunted Forest (although DeeDee got too scared to actually play it).


  • Set up as an actual mission where you can hear the mission given out; objectives actually displayed to you was an excellent touch
  • Supplies were set up perfectly at the right times
  • Very unique map locations that still suited the theme of the map
  • Nice change of location from most campaigns made for L4D 2
  • Good Intro and Outro
  • Original
  • Bots actually didn’t  have much problem following you around
  • Finale was brilliant and certainly added a sense of urgency (however see cons about finale)


  • Although there was a custom voice so you can hear the “chopper pilot” give you directions, his voice was a bit too loud and the fact he was condescending the survivors a bit too much, took the fun a bit away but not a whole lot. Certainly a bossy chopper pilot
  • Some maps felt like it was repeating due to the amount of white walls, I know this is set in a dam but it can be annoying
  • Due to the above point, some parts of the campaign felt rather long
  • At the finale, the tank spawns pretty much right next to the survivors making a rather nasty shock
  • Slight shame that there wasn’t custom dialogues for the survivors
  • Could been seen as easy by certain players
  • Could have used more special infected to drive the players insane

However despite the number of cons, we had lots of fun playing this campaign. Very original without major flaws. Could have used a bit more difficulty added to the campaign and more special infected. Decent story-line but could used custom survivor dialogue, and chopper pilot could be less of an arse. Some maps just felt like one huge massive wall. Wall textures did hurt my eyes a bit, but did not take away my fun from the campaign.

Decent and original campaign that I think people should check it out.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=19366


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