L4D2 Custom Campaign: Haunted Forest

So it’s been quite a long time, since I last reviewed anything on this blog. Apologies for that. Will not bore you with my excuses. Let’s get straight to reviewing!

Obviously, we are going to be reviewing a L4D2 campaign called Haunted Forest.


  • Unique forest map
  • Author just nailed atmosphere: definitely scary and tense
  • Scary jump scares, especially at the 3rd  map
  • Actually had fun at the finale, I usually dislike gauntlet types where you needed to run  to the safe-room and past the never-ending hordes of zombies
  • Graffiti was hilarious to read
  • Maps were well designed with lots of details


  • Slight glitch at the finale, bots wouldn’t climb up the ladder to grab first aid kit. However not too bothered about it
  • Finale will be hard if you are playing alone
  • Resources a bit scarce during finale so you need to manage resources such as Molotov, pipe-bombs and bile jars carefully.

Overall, great map. I still remember when I first played this campaign (played it 3 times). The first time, especially during the 2nd map I was so scared that I nearly fear-quit. However, Kaz convinced me to finish the entire campaign with him. The number of times where I was terrified from the 3rd map alone was amazing, especially when I fell for the trick door. The trick door alone scared the living daylights out of me, which caused me to scream in fright; causing Kaz to freak out cause he didn’t expect to hear me scream (not really). Definitely creepy and earns the name “Haunted Forest”. Those who love ghosts or scary maps to play, this is definitely the campaign for you. I recommend playing it with headphones on and in a darkened room. That’s how I played it.

ps: we tried to play with another friend, but she was too terrified to play it -.-”  we were only on the first map and she didn’t even play T^T

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=6923


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