L4D2 Custom Map: There is only one way

Well turns out that the internet is stable enough for me to play games…..as long someone hosts the game.

Even then, I lag a bit from time to time. Anyhow, last night my good friend Kaz and I played the map mentioned in the title.

It was entry in the natural disasters contest. I noticed many of these entries revolve around lava or some form of fire.


  • Tons of supplies in the finale
  • Random appearances of lighting setting things on fire certainly added tension to the game-play
  • Fire Tornado, meteors and everything else certainly made it feel end of the world, and that hope was the only thing you had left
  • C4! – Finally get to explode stuff 😀
  • Epic Finale with dramatic music to certainly fit the mood – certainly felt like you were fighting for your life
  • Assistance from original survivors
  • Flamethrowers
  • Great detail put into the map
  • Good map overall


  • More clearer directions could helped in finale – Kaz and I were a bit lost during the finale till we realized how retarded we both were
  • All the natural disasters combined were great but it felt over the top at times
  • Fire tornado made it hard to avoid if you didn’t pay attention to the game instructor due to sheer panic
  • Escaping the building was intense and great, but could have made it clear how to escape the building with the massive horde (boomer didn’t help either, but certainly made it a challenge)
  • Finale felt very long, especially when the tanks didn’t stop spawning so you didn’t have time to rescue the bots or fallen partner
  • Hordes during finale were relentless which was great but combined with 2 tanks, certainly made it annoying
  • Only 1 map

While we had moments of hating the map, this map certainly has potential in being a fantastic map. It is fantastic already as it is, however we did have issues with it. Finale could be shortened or be made into its own map due to the sheer length of the finale itself. I found it interesting how the C4 never spawns in the same place, so you are forced to look for it. In the beginning; we were only given shotguns, it would be nice if 1 gun was at least a uzi or at least an extra pistol.  Experienced bit of lag during the whole “run for your effin life from the sudden fire tornado of sudden death” moment. Was grateful for the tons of supplies during the finale, as we certainly needed it. Not too sure if I loved the ending, since its left rather ambiguous whether everyone died during the last stand or we did indeed survive. Shame it was 1 map only as it was fun, but could have gone a bit easy on the hordes cause there was literally a ton of zombies everywhere, which caused my laptop to lag when trying to massacre the whole lot. The effects used during the map were brilliant though, certainly added interaction with items you don’t often use in L4D 2 (such as fire extinguisher and C4).

Lots of fun though, enjoyed it but not sure if I would consider playing it again.

Link to the map: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=18560


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