L4D2 Custom Campaign: Blackout Basement (beta version)

I played this campaign a looong time ago with my steam buddies: Kaz and Deedee.

Well, Deedee played the first map with us when we first played it. Kaz and I finished the map without her. We’re such good friends.

Anyway! Moving along >.<


  • Realistic underground map
  • Dark and eerie, help setting the mood (see cons)
  • Fair amount of ammo and supplies scattered (see cons)
  • Really liked the idea of the option of lighting your path or not to, adds variation to the campaign
  • Loved the penalty system involved, if the player(s) chose to light up their path
  • Didn’t really on massive amounts of zombies to cause nervousness for the players; darkness and maze-like map achieved that on its own
  • Well-developed and map designs were great, especially for a beta
  • Train station finale with moving trains was epic (see cons)


  • Due to darkness it was hard to see, however that was the point of the map (hence why you have the option to light up the way)
  • Since it was so dark and confusing in the maze-like sewers, finding supplies was hard. I actually walked right past some of them without noticing
  • Bots seemed to have trouble climbing ladders
  • Witches did spawn in tight spaces, making it necessary to deal with them
  • Felt there weren’t enough throwables in the campaign
  • Bots couldn’t jump out of the railway thus got insta-killed by the incoming train (not a con in my opinion, I found it hilarious since it was unexpected)
  • Was bit confusing how you were meant to board the train, but not a major problem

The map is still in beta. However, Kaz and I had lots of fun playing this with DeeDee while she was around. Really liked how you had the option of whether to light your way or go to the armory at the price of a horde attack. Thought it was interesting. Could made it easier to find supplies in the sewers though, since we had a bit of trouble spotting them (even with a mod that brightens the flashlight). I think the best part about this map was the finale. Had bit of trouble finding the area where you had to activate the rescue. Moving trains certainly made it a challenge to dodge the hordes and tanks. The train serving as a rescue vehicle was a nice change from the standard rescue vehicles. Could be a challenge on single-player but certainly lots of fun with others playing the campaign. Although, there may be a contest to grab the pipebombs, bile or molotovs since that seemed to be lacking a bit.

You guys should check the campaign out! It’s really well made for a beta.

Blackout Basement: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=12802


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