L4D2 Custom Campaign: Death Aboard 2

This is one of the more popular campaigns on the l4dmaps. This is one of the earlier custom maps that I played with another friend. Before I had more friends on steam, definitely way before Kaz and DeeDee. I played with another friend called Edward but due to unresolvable issues, Edward and I have dissolved our friendship. Well, I dissolved the friendship. MOVING ALONG!


  • Extremely well-made
  • Loads of fun
  • Hilarious rescue vehicle
  • Unique location for the finale, had lots of fun in the finale
  • Challenging on normal
  • Definitely recommended to have friends play with you
  • Great supply placement
  • Surprise car, I fell for it


  • Had trouble figuring out what to do in second map
  • Tank glitch
  • Bots sometimes had problems navigating

If you guys haven’t played this map, you definitely need to check it out. It’s really well made and worth the download. Be sure to bring some friends with you though. You’re gonna need them.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=4861


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