Back to playing Oblivion – Current Mods

So I finally got back into playing Oblivion again. Really missed playing Oblivion. However, between the 3 Elder Scroll games: Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. I think the one that is going to be my true favorite and will constantly miss playing is Morrowind.

Got tons of mods installed for Oblivion, some that I yet to play through. Not sure if I got that Oblivion script extender working yet properly but it seems to be working for the time being.

I’ll probably try to review the Oblivion mods some time in the future, however I have to divide my time between my driving lessons and my gaming.

Also a note: you may want to keep the files of the mods you use, since sometimes the author remove their mods. I know some of the mods I use have been removed such as Elder Council (you can find it on oblivion nexus under the user Dragon Captions)

Here is my current mods in use as of right now. Note that some of these may require OBSE or OBMM:

  • Oblivion mod manager (a must)
  • DarNified UI 1.3.2 (requires OBMM)
  • HEGC female eyecandy – body replacer (underwear version – requires OBMM)
  • Let the People drink
  • TNR – tamriel NPCs revamped (requires OBMM)
  • Classic sword replacer (note: there seems to be a problem with the textures, use OBMM to overcome it)
  • COBL
  • Atmospheric weather system (to be replaced by All Natural Weather)
  • KT_custom race fix (needed if you intend to use a custom race as a new game)
  • Cosmetic compilation
  • No More Annoying Messages
  • Well Used Map version 2 – colored
  • Illumination within revived
  • Better Bell Sounds
  • GW71_Life_Detect recolor (hated the vanilla look)
  • Book Jackets Oblivion textures (there is an HD version if you use HD textures)
  • Dark Night armor and quest (mostly for the sword rather than the armor)
  • Ancient Silver Armor
  • Extra robe pack
  • Real Lava
  • Light spell recolor – white dimmer version
  • No Quest Items
  • Knights of the White Stallion (will review the  mod)
  • ImpeReal City Unique districts and SB IC tower light mod
  • AFK_Weye (will review once I am doing playing through it)
  • Better Benrius Manor and helping hands
  • Better Rosethorn hall
  • Universal Silent Voices (needs OBSE)
  • Glory of Cyrodiil
  •  Midas Magic Spells of Aurum
  • Xenius Race Compilation
  • Enchanting and Spell-making altars
  • Loading screens themed replacer and all the addons
  • Immersive  Interiors

Quite a long list eh? Still got some mods that I still want to download but yet to get around to downloading, or I already downloaded it but yet to play it.  I am also using the official DLCs for Oblivion such as: Battlehorn castle, Frostcrag,  Thieves Den, Orrey, Vile Lair and Mehrunes razor. I do have Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles but can’t bother to play them again yet.


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