Oblivion Mod: Knights of the White Stallion

So when I played the Knights of the White Stallion quest line, I felt it was lacking. I felt it should be more to it. The lodge that you gain once you complete the quest line was bare, unfitting for a chivalrous order of knights. I also wanted to know what so significant about the Black Bow Bandits that the Count wanted them dead.

ByblosHex addresses this by adding new quests, dungeons and more with his Knights of the White Stallion mod.

This mod adds some quests (about 3) that adds some back story to the Knights.  It also basically gives an overhaul to the lodge, making it look better and worthy for the Knights. It also adds NPCs to it ranging from squires to Knights, which is great considering how big the lodge is. Given the name of the Knights, they have their own white horses that they own.  The lodge will even get attacked by raids from the Black Bow Bandits and the Knights will defend it regardless of you being there or not.

Really enjoyed this mod, except I felt it was really short. I was getting into the story then finally it was over. It gave only 1 major quest after you go through the trouble of finding 40 black bows. The knights blade and the horse was great, the rewards at the end were fantastic. Really liked how you got your own armor, own quarters in the lodge and all that. It still felt lacking.

The mod description mentioned it was going to take  Mazoga the Orc’s story to a whole new level. Except it only focused on the story of why the Count hated the bandits enough to make an order of knights.  Mazoga was never a part of it, unless you followed her around to kill the bandits for the bows. Something I recommend since some of the dungeons where the bandits hide are actually some of the best vanilla dungeons Oblivion has.

The lodge and the rewards you get though, are pretty neat. I liked the story revolving the conflict between the two factions and the unexpected forbidden love involved, especially when it ended in 2 deaths when you thought about it.

Good mod but the final quest certainly made it feel lacking once you realized you were done. Although I am sure the whole getting 40 black bows in the first place to get the final quest, would made the quest feel long enough.


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