L4D2 Custom Map: Invoked Inferno V2

So finally Kaz and I played some L4D 2 after a very long time. He was having exams and felt the need to relieve his stress via killing zombies. I am sure he could have done the same via Killing Floor but I am not going to question that…yet :p  He had the great idea of playing on expert which caused our deaths like 3 times considering we were pretty rusty due to not playing the game for so long.

Anyway, we played Invoked Inferno V2 which was  a map I wanted to play for a while now.


  • Volcano right at the beginning
  • Lava
  • Lava effects were cool
  • Road breaking as if the lava was pushing its way through
  • Custom buildings such as the lighthouse
  • Bridge breaking apart once you crossed it


  • Not as much lava as I would have hoped – lava only occurred during the beginning and halfway of the map
  • Felt rather short
  • Supplies were pretty far in between – which was fine  considering we didn’t need it but I would have liked a melee weapon in the beginning
  • During the finale I found that if you stood on a rock ,the tank couldn’t reach you thus killing the tank was not a challenge, due to it being unable to reach you and dodging the throws was easy
  • The bridge breaking could have used some earthquake effect to make it seem more realistic other than it unexpectedly falling apart
  • Experienced an issue when Coach wouldn’t go inside the rescue chopper, so we had to wait for him to get incapped

Other than that, it was a pretty interesting map. Could been a bit longer though cause once we finished the map, it felt pretty short. Not many issues other than the whole ladder, lag issues and Coach refusing to go in the chopper. Pretty fun especially when the lava began appearing, Coach died once cause he wasn’t on the sidewalk and he experienced many near deaths falling into the lava. The map was pretty well-designed despite being so short.

Invoked Inferno V2: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=20270


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