Oblivion Mod: The Well of Minlorada

Recently finishing playing The Well of Minlorada. I actually found out about this mod from Teamudf, whose youtube channel I often watch for his game commentary on Oblivion mods, minecraft and sometimes Skyrim.

It seemed interesting enough so I decided to play this mod. Overall, it had a great story and even had books in regards to the lore. Really liked how they make the ayleid caskets and armor really unique from the vanilla ayleid items. Really loved the custom items. The story was sound and well-written, no problems with the story. The weapons and awards were great.

the custom companion and aylied armor you receive (image from Divah_Nordique)
the custom companion and aylied armor you receive (image from Divah_Nordique)

There was an issue when a rock trap triggered a little too early but no problems. Liked how you could use a pickaxe to break a rockwall which reminded me of Tears of the Fiend (a great mod that I highly recommend you guys check out). What I really loved other than the armor and custom weapons, was how you were able to translate the ayleid messages if you took the translations book with you. I really enjoyed translating the messages to see what the queen was saying. I wished there was a clue as to how many welkynd stones you needed to be able to use the welkynd pedestal. You needed 40 altogether, but I found that the ruins didn’t have enough welkynd stones. You will need it if you intend to gain the companion you can gain during the quest.

I also liked how you can sit on the throne (fake one) to activate the hidden door. The skeletons in the ruins had custom weapons and armor which I really enjoyed, it fits with the story of how the citizens of the ruins came back from the dead but were different from typical undead. Really liked the “secret” awards. Including how you collected 2 unique artifacts that had a use in the quest.

The puzzles were well-thought out and I enjoyed it. The puzzles weren’t mind-blowing to cause you wanting to find a walkthrough or not. Although, I did notice there was a trap that didn’t seem to activate when the player went by. However, I don’t like how if you fall for the room with the crown, you are unable to escape or anything. Hence, you are forced to use an autosave. I didn’t agree with this, while it is a good trap, but to be forced to use an autosave to escape isn’t something I approve. Really liked how there was a great welkynd stone involved, if you managed to get it since the way to obtaining it is unclear. However, I did experience a problem where at some points I seemed to be missing either meshes/textures. Unsure which one.

image from VelorienBal
image from VelorienBal

Then of course, there was a the boss battle which can be easy if you are higher levels.  Really liked the well where you had the choice of destroying it or using the power for yourself. Enjoyed how the queen’s name was an anagram for paranoid. Made me feel smart for couple seconds when I realized. Great mod, really enjoyed the rewards as I now use the custom armor and crown. Speaking about the armor, I did notice I had a slight issue with the ayleid guard armor where a section of my character’s arm was missing but the scout armor was fine.

Overall great mod without many issues.


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