L4D2 Campaign: Beldurra

So been a while since I did l4D2 reviews. Actually played this one a while ago with Kaz.


  • Obstacles varied in real-time making it re-playable and unique each time you play it
  • Good variety of locations
  • Ability to “break” into houses via lockpicking or just setting houses on fire
  • Ability to make more pipebombs or molotovs which added more realism to the campaign
  • Good detail and design
  • Liked the finale (see cons)
  • Liked how it starts off in the night and in the 2nd map, it lets you know that morning come. Good use of the day-night cycle in the map.


  • Horde could be a bit challenging during the gauntlet (amazingly even on Easy)
  • You have to race to the dock before it goes too far downstream
  • Not sure if I liked the ending to the finale, seems very odd (although a sequel is supposedly being made)
  • During the gauntlet, it was unclear where you needed to go – if meant to induce panic then its fine but some form of direction could be nice
  • Finale could be too easy considering if you stayed near the top, it was easy to kill most of the horde and tank with ease

Overall, had fun with this campaign. Short review for a 3 map campaign. I’m sure it’d be longer if I reviewed this sooner but oh well.

link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=13691


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