Oblivion Mod: Daggerfall Memories: The Liberation of Cybiades

I had been considering to play Daggerfall Memories: The Liberation of Cybiades for a long time, but never got around to it. Mostly due to for some reason, half the mods I download seem to be corrupted. Maybe it is just my computer or internet.

For being completely custom-made, this entire mod is extremely well made. I am pretty impressed considering it was from scratch; the island, weapons and everything. Even the boat that you travel on was pretty well made. Really liked the look of the boat. I was a little confused what to do once I got on the island, but I eventually figured it out. Really liked the twist once you reach the “temple”, only to realize you been tricked by the same guy whom you thought was in trouble.

The story of the  mod was brilliant, it intrigued me right off the bat. I liked how the creator managed to relate the villains to past events from older Elder Scroll games and reference to the past heroes . Really enjoyed that. The villains although creeped me out, I loved how they were sadistic and played “games” to entertain themselves. The fact that they subject you to these games of theirs as well, then rewarding you and allow you to leave if you survived is brilliant. That what terrifies me about these guys. It is only merely a game and they want to see if you were worthy of your title. I love how the creator made the inhabitants of the island to be unique with their own unique story.

The custom items, such as the island was beautiful and I loved the scenery. The custom weapons and robes really suited the villains and the mage whom aids you. Really enjoyed it, perfect for evil or questionable characters.

The only thing I am disappointed with, is that although well-made it was cut short. The creator did intend to make a sequel to continue on the mod, giving you a choice to choose your side in the ancient war and such. However, he/she was unable to do so. Then again, since everything is made from scratch I can understand. According to the maker, he/she took over 500 hours over 5-6 months to make it. I understand the creator’s reasoning and respect it. I just find it a shame it was cut so short. It had some serious potential to be a great mod series.

I really recommend that you guys check this great mod out!


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