Oblivion Mod: The Lost Spires

Whenever I play Oblivion, at some point or another I always end up downloading The Lost Spires. I mentioned it in an older posts on recommended oblivion mods, but never reviewed it.

Needless to say, this quest-adventure mod is extremely well-made. I always have fun playing this, even when I get to the 2 quests that frustrate me.

The Lost Spires adds a new guild called the Adventurer’s guild who are now looking for someone to do all the legwork for them. You can advance through the ranks and aid them in their research while uncovering the mysteries behind the Spires.

Very well-made mod with great attention to detail. The same attention went into the weapons, enemies and the Spires themselves. Everything really. Loved how the characters had their own specialty in regards to research and how the Spires supposedly has an impact on the normal mobs including the environment around it. The rewards were amazing and the guild’s museum is a joy to explore and learning how the displays came to be. I absolutely adore this mod. I really think people should play this mod because it is more enjoyable and you can see how awesome it is by playing it.

What really made me amused was how they mentioned 2 characters made a spell to give commentary in their books. So when I found the journal, to hear the deceased character’s voice reading his journal. That really impressed me and still does. When the adventure is over, I always feel sad that it’s over. For an archaeological guild that has one whom focuses on Ayleids; I always thought it was a shame you couldn’t tell her you are familiar with Ayleids ruins or have the option to explore Ayleid ruins for her to find artifacts.

What annoyed me was how the makes never made a grave for one of the mentors whom died by betrayal or even the former guild master before he was murdered. I mean, at least make a grave for these two most respected members of the guild. Or at least a memorial of some sort.

Anyhow, go check this mod out! It is amazing beyond compare.


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