Oblivion Mod: Bartholm

So been playing Bartholm now for 2 days now. I think I finished the mod, or at least most of it at the very least.

This adds a city nearby Bravil and near Black Dog Camp, and as well an island. I had fun playing this mod. Really enjoyed playing the arena, although I wished they could be more unique in the commentary, it is basically the same as the original arena commentary with few changes. Even the raiment were the same as the original, I was sort of hoping for a unique one since it is outside of the Imperial city which boasts being the only one, so if this is the only one OUTSIDE of the Imperial city then give them a unique raiment.

However, what they got right with the arena was something I was upset that the game developers did not do once you became the arena grand champion. I was expecting a lot more than just fighting animals for show, which is basically what you do in the vanilla Arena. In this mod, you got to fight free for all matches which gave variety and you got to fight matches to defend your title against the yellow team. That is what I loved, that is what I think should been implemented in the original arena as it is a more fitting ending than just killing trolls, minotaurs and orges.

Really liked Bartholm, although I don’t get that guy under the haunted house. Very odd. Really liked the whole uncover the murder plot against the count and his family. I found it hilarious how you talk to the murderer and she freaks realizing that the contract wasn’t authorized by the Listener or the Dark Brotherhood. The city of Bartholm is pretty small, copied mostly I assume from Cheydinhal.

I did noticed that the people who made this mod, seemed to be a bit lazy since the items in the merchants had the same items as the vanilla merchants. In particular, the Orc who owned the Goods store in Bartholm had the same one as the one in Cheydinhal, while the smith in Slartholm had the same one as the smith in Chorrol. So I think if these are unique cities added….then the merchants should have something unique to their city. Such as they had their own unique alcohol or food.

The quests they had were pretty alright but the cities….felt bare. Bartholm looks populated but no fighter’s guild which I thought was a shame since all cities had one. They did have a mages guild but only 2 quests that were Mage guild related.

I think the biggest disappointment I had was with Slartholm. It is a pretty big island but barely had anything. Then again, this island was meant to be poor. Did like how they have a rogue faction of Altmer and how you had to force them back. That was fine but the armor was just basically ebony armor renamed, maybe they should have considered making custom armor or make it more unique at least. I also experienced issues during a quest on Slartholm since I had 2 corpses that never showed up.

Overall a good mod but I feel it could have been better, or at least be improved to make this mod have a bigger impact on me.


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